Burner Management Systems

A BMS is required as a safety critical element on most large burner systems. They manage the safety of start-up, the purge cycle, flame ignition signal, flame detection and any shutdown requirements. BMS can also incorporate control and monitoring. SELLA CONTROLS offer solutions that allow the BMS logic solver to be housed either local to the burners/furnace (even in zone classified areas) or remote in a centralised control room, with certified communication channel to other safety related devices. We can also offer communications to remote or local alarm management and operator displays, where our HMI package can assist with control, diagnostics and performance analyses. SELLA CONTROLS can assist with ensuring BMS controls align with both EN746 & IEC 61511.

End users requirements and philosophies vary so SELLA CONTROLS offers a number of solutions to meet end user Burner Management Systems preferences. These include configuration with segregated hardware for each burner, (on multi burner systems) which helps in the maintenance of the BMS. Alternatively a centralised logic solver with additional option using distributed PESs on a common network can be provided.

Advantages of the SELLA CONTROLS BMS solution:

  • Increased burner reliability
  • Certified to the latest standards
  • Maximum safety (SIL 3/AK 6) even in mono configurations
  • Maximum fault tolerance and availability in a redundant configuration
  • The same extensive range of I/O modules for both large and small applications
  • High reliability and simple maintenance due to extensive intelligent diagnostic functions
  • Full graphic IEC-61131-3-compliant programming, pre-configured burner function blocks
  • TÜV certified software function blocks