Chemical Projects

The case studies listed here provide an overview of a selection of projects which have been provided with SELLA CONTROLS automation and control systems.
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Growhow UK - Programmable Upgrade to ESD

Application: Programmable Upgrade to ESD
Installation Area: WNA Plant, Billingham, Teesside
Client: Growhow UK Ltd

GrowHow UK is the UK’s premier fertiliser manufacturer and a major supplier to the process chemicals industry. Its extensive Billingham chemical plant produces and stores ammonia, nitric acid and ammonium nitrate and at the heart of the Teesside chemical cluster, is ideally placed for distribution in the UK and for export.

SELLA CONTROLS supplied the existing ESD in the 90s, a TÜV certified HIMA Planar F rack mounted solid state fail safe logic system installed behind a large operator wall mimic in the Weak Nitric Acid (WNA) 4 control room. The system operated well for many years with little maintenance required but the programmable upgrade provides extensive diagnostic and Sequence of Event (SOE) reporting facilities and dedicated communications to the Distributed Control System (DCS).

The TÜV certified HIQuad H51q system which can meet SIL3 requirements, was selected as a suitable replacement for the hardwired system. With dual CPUs and single failsafe I/O configured in this case to meet SIL 2, it was mounted in the same cabinet space and uses existing terminations in the adjacent marshalling panel. The PLC has dual Ethernet communications allowing vital diagnostic information to be transferred to the DCS, to operator Human Machine Interface (HMI) level. A separate, standalone PC with Wizcon Logline provides independent sequence of events recording (SOE) allowing operators and managers to see the chain of events for any given situation. This vital diagnostic tool allows operators to quickly and confidently assess plant issues and resolve them to ensure continuous, safe plant operation.

Exxon Esso, Fawley FCCU Olefins Project, Protective Instrument System

Application: Protective Instrument System
Installation Area: Fawley Refinery, Southampton, UK
Client: Exxon Esso

SELLA CONTROLS provided a large stainless steel panel, incorporating both safety and control systems, for use on the FCCU Olefins Project for the Exxon/Esso Chemical Refinery at Fawley, Southampton.

This Protective Instrument System (PIS) consisted of an Emergency Shutdown System and Fire and Gas Detection System, both of which comprised of HIMA Planar F solid state logic, certified to the equivalent of SIL3. The PIS comprises of simplex field I/O and simplex logic for all subsystems with the exception of the overspeed trip for the turbine and part of the trip output for the compressor, which were configured in Duplex to increase availability.

The Control Systems were based in the local panel end and comprised of compressor control logic and hazardous area instrumentation with Eexn, Eexd and Eexp technologies employed. A large annunciator and mimic mounted at the top of the panel displayed status of the plant and systems and to date, the panel, at over 6m long and 2.5 m high, is one of the larger ones we have supplied as a single unit.

Ineos Chlor Caustic Soda Plant - Mimic Panel

Application: Caustic Filter Mimic Panel
Installation Area: Ineos Chlor, Runcorn, UK
Client: Ineos Chlor, Runcorn, UK

SELLA CONTROLS recently supplied a series of 7 mimic panels to Ineos Chlor in the UK.

The panels, each comprising a laminated foil mimic, are for use on the Anhdyrous Caustic Soda Plant at the Runcorn site. This project is an example of the many projects we have completed in a long standing supply history that SELLA CONTROLS has at the Northwest site, which currently employs 1800 people. Ineos is one of the major chlor-alkali producers in Europe as well as a global leader in chlorine derivatives.

Ineos Chlor Genesis - ESD

Application: Emergency Shutdown System
Installation Area: Ineos Chlor, Runcorn
Client: Emerson Process Management

SELLA CONTROLS recently supplied an Emergency Shutdown System to the Ineos Chlor Genesis Project.

The system, comprising HIMA H51q-HS technology, was designed and built in accordance with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 of the IEC61508 standard and will reside on the new Genesis II Project chlorine production facility on the INEOS Chlor site in Runcorn, UK. INEOS is currently one of the major chlor-alkali producers in Europe as well as a global leader in chlorine derivatives.

Kemutec Project Crystal - Control Panels

Application: Control Panels and Systems
Installation Area: Genzyme, Ireland
Client: Kemutec Group

SELLA CONTROLS’ involvement in the Genzyme Project “Crystal”, comprised the design, engineering, build and installation of a PLC / Electrical Control panel and operator control panel on the Irish site.

The Genzyme system is controlled by a Siemens PLC located in the Cone Mill main power panel which controls the rotary valves, cone mill motor and vacuum motors. The main power panel consists of two sections, one containing the motor controls and other power devices whilst the other section contains the PLC equipment, including ethernet communication links and low voltage, hard wired safety equipment. Interfacing with this panel is a stainless steel process area panel which contains switches and lamps for the display of normal running and maintenance modes of operation.

This was the first job undertaken with Kemutec and many more have followed since including Package Control Systems, blending systems controls and further systems for milling control functions.

Lucite Emergency Shutdown System Upgrade

Application: Emergency Shutdown Systems Upgrade
Installation Area: Cassell Works, Teesside
Client: Lucite International

SELLA CONTROLS has commenced work on the upgrade of Emergency Shutdown (ESD) systems for Lucite International at its Cassel Works site in Teesside. The upgrade applies to MM7 – one of the site’s two Methacrylate-based Monomer (MM) plastics processing plants – and will see the gradual replacement of several dozen legacy ESD systems with a solution implemented using eight HIMA HIQuad H51q programmable electronic systems.

The upgrade also includes the provision of two HIQuad H51q systems on the MM8 side of the plant (again to provide ESD functions and to replace legacy systems) in the processing areas and for utilities. These two systems join a HIQuad that was installed a few years ago to provide ESD for just the Sulphuric Acid Recovery (SAR) area of the plant.

The equipment being replaced is all discrete logic-based, implemented using either electromechanical relays or solid-state transistors contained within standalone units with up to 10 inputs each. Conversely, each HIQuad is a rack-based system that employs two dual (1002D) processor-based command modules and several racks containing I/O modules. Moreover, each input is simplex and continuously toggled to monitor for any ‘stuck at’ conditions; and it is through this diagnostic coverage that HIQuad achieves its TÜV IEC 61508 SIL3 certification.

HIQuad is a very advanced and reliable system, and the ability to add I/O modules as required makes for a very scalable solution. Specifically, the scalability is enabling SELLA CONTROLS to replace the legacy ESD systems one at a time – resulting in minimal disruption to Lucite’s processes. The new ESD functions will, in the long-term, interface with the site’s distributed control system (DCS) via Ethernet. SELLA CONTROLS is also providing a HMI comprising two PCs and 65-inch monitors, which show the status of the ESD systems and all site alarms.

Terra Nitram 3 - ESD Trip Panel

Application: December 2008
Installation Area: Billingham, UK
Client: Aker Solutions

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract to supply a Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL 2) rated Trip Panel for use on the Terra Nitram 3 Upgrade ESD System for Growhow UK Limited .

The system, which is provided in two Rittal TS8 bays, utilises the HIMA H51qHS HIQuad PES and comes complete with a tiled mimic annunciator for fitting in the DCS console, providing input override facilities and first up alarm sequencing (ISA 18.1) indication. Various MCC interfaces are provided using HIMA safety relays together with dual modbus communications to the process control system using RS485.

The Growhow UK site at Billingham primarily manufactures ammonia, nitric acid and ammonium nitrate. All are key raw materials for many of the chemical companies in nearby Teesside.

Terra Nitrogen - Burner Management (BMS)

Application: Burner Management System (BMS)
Installation Area: Terra Nitrogen, Teesside
Client: MCE Group / Terra Nitrogen

SELLA CONTROLS provided a 9 Burner Management System to MCE Group in Teesside, for use on the Terra Nitrogen site. The system implemented was a HIMA H51q-HS programmable system, hosting a dual I/O Bus and Simplex I/O configuration.

The Burner Management System is part of the larger auxiliary boiler / burner controls, with the workstation being located in the Central Control Room. Boiler and Burner functions are critical activities in most process industries and where traditional systems would provide a non-integrated approach for features such as normal start up & shutdown, and boiler protection (including safety interlocks and upset conditions). With advanced technology, an integrated approach can be used.

The HIMA fault tolerant, failsafe systems provide an integrated control solution for Burner Management Systems, and operate within similar parameters to those of a normal Emergency Shutdown System.

Yaraco Acetic Acid Plant - ESD

Application: Emergency Shutdown (ESD)
Installation Area: Yaraco Acetic Acid Expansion Project, Chongqing, China
Client: Yokogawa UK Ltd

SELLA CONTROLS provided an Emergency Shutdown System to Yokogawa UK for installation on the C01 and C02 Plants at the Yaraco Acetic Acid Expansion Project in Chongqing, China. The system, comprising HIMA H51q-E technology is configured to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3. In addition, we have carried out full modifications to the Acetic Acid area of the Chongqing Plant, consisting of the upgrade of existing systems to meet the increased demand being placed on the plant.

The Yaraco site (Yangtze River Acetyls Company) was established to produce acetic acid and derivatives is one of BP’s larger investments in China. Operational since 1998, Yaraco processes natural gas from the Chongqing and Sichuan fields by means of the BP methanol carbonylation process.