Emergency Shutdown Services

Emergency Shutdown Systems are used across a wide range of industries and offer personnel, asset and environmental protection by means of instantaneous, fail safe, plant immobilisation. The ESD is arguably the most widely used safety related application. It works by minimising the consequences of an on-site emergency by establishing and identifying safety critical signals which are then controlled and actioned to put the entire facility into a safe “stop” situation. A series of pre-engineered functions will then bring the facility back into full operation once the cause of the shutdown has been determined and dealt with.

By offering programmable and non-programmable solutions, SELLA CONTROLS provides a versatile range of plant protection up to IEC 61508 SIL3. Whether the application requirement is for a small number of I/O signals or a complex system consisting of thousands, SELLA CONTROLS has the expertise to design and build a tailored ESD to meet client specifications.

We design and build shutdown systems ranging from a small relatively simple ESD requiring a moderate number of I/O to very complex highly distributed multiple application systems with I/O numbers in the thousands, which might require certification to SIL3. Systems can be hardwired or programmable, or a combination of both depending on what is most appropriate. We also ensure that our solutions allow for trouble free interface with all major DCS systems. We have functional safety management certification, which proves that we have the capability to supply safety-related products and services that conform to the requirements of IEC 61508.

A typical ESD application case study.