Fire and Gas Detection Systems

SELLA CONTROLS Fire & Gas detection systems encompass a turnkey solution that includes sensing elements, TÜV certified logic solvers and protection devices.

SELLA CONTROLS provides equipment from approved third party suppliers and recognised fire and gas detector manufactures. Protection devices, CCTV, alarm and HVAC control systems can also be supplied.

Our F&G systems are generally programmable in order to cater for complex alarming arrangements and we use equipment certified up to SIL3 in accordance with IEC 61508 that also offers line monitoring as standard. Single or dual I/O versions are available for increased availability but even our simplex I/O solutions are SIL 3 capable.

Typically, F&G systems are designed with dual communications links for increased availability and are offered with the following protocols: Modbus RTU slave RS485, Ethernet OPC and Profibus DP slave. Giving a wide range of connection possibilities with plant control systems.


SELLA CONTROLS in parallel to PES based solutions can also offer addressable systems for F&G applications using various manufactures.


Over a number of years SELLA CONTROLS have developed our own SCADA package for applications such as F&G using proprietary building blocks. Delivering a unique package to clients bespoke requirements, this offers visual indication, visualisation of plant process, status alarms, annunciation, reporting facilities, remote access, CCTV interface and remote alarms.

A typical Fire and Gas Detection application case study.