Fire and Gas Detection Systems

We provide integrated fire and gas and process control systems for high hazard applications which are suitable for oil and gas installations, LNG plants, chemical plants and refineries. Our fire and gas systems incorporate hard wired or programmable electronic safety systems and we can design the I/O racks and cabling so that if required it will allow for selective shutdown of monitoring facilities without affecting other plant areas. Our systems are designed to respond effectively and reliably to hazard and be tolerant of the environment and working procedures. They encompass a turnkey solution that includes sensing elements; HIMA TÜV certified logic solvers and protection devices.

We provide equipment from approved third party suppliers and recognised gas detector companies. Protection devices such as deluge systems can also be supplied, typically in oil and gas related industries, however a system can be designed for virtually any scenario where fire and gas safety and availability is key.

HIMA fire and gas systems are programmable in order to cater for complex alarming arrangements, certified up to SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 61508 and offer line monitoring as standard. Single or dual I/O versions are available for increased availability but even the single I/O system logic solvers are SIL 3 certified.

Typically, Fire and Gas systems are designed with dual communications links for increased availability and are offered in the following protocols: Modbus RTU slave RS485, ethernet OPC and Profibus DP slave. Consequently a wide range of connection possibilities with plant control systems are available.

A typical Fire and Gas Detection application case study.