High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems

The HIPPS designed by SELLA CONTROLS provides increased safety for pipelines and other critical plant where normal operation at higher pressures would not be permitted with ordinary ESD systems. SELLA CONTROLS provides a complete turnkey solution for HIPPS, which is IEC 61508 SIL rated and encompasses the following elements:

  • Pressure transmitters
  • High integrity manifolds
  • Logic solvers – programmable and hardwired
  • Solenoid valves
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic actuators
  • Valves of all types and manufacturers, e.g. BEL, Mokveld, Petrol valves, Tyco FCT, VTI
  • Ball or gate valves and actuators complete with partial stroke testing if required

Alternative arrangements are also possible for a completely bespoke design to provide effective pressure protection wherever it is needed. Typically, TÜV certified pressure transmitters are used in the classic 2oo3 configuration for improved Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD). SIL 3/4 TÜV certified logic solvers – either with single or dual I/O for increased availability – can be mounted in safe areas or in EExnR, EExE and EExP applications for Zone 2 operation in harsh conditions. Valves can be supplied either as single or dual units for increased safety and the whole system can be TÜV certified for each individual installation, as required to meet national and international regulatory requirements.

A typical HIPPS application case study.

Download SELLA CONTROLS’ HIPPS brochure.