Process Lifecycle

Process Lifecycle diagram

Process Safety
SELLA CONTROLS has a dedicated team of specialist engineers and associated qualified partners, for onshore and offshore, both SCATS and OPITO certified, to provide technical support for any system we supply.

We offer qualified and coordinated services tailored to individual customer requirements for all phases of the safety lifecycle. SELLA CONTROLS can provide your organisation with a number of cost-effective support services.

Investment in these services will provide clear benefits to safely maximise process availability as follows:

Safety Lifecycle Management Process
SELLA CONTROLS uses bespoke CRM software to manage resources, repairs and schedule of works.

We also manage our own database system for procurement, planning, engineering, safety validation, competence, commissioning and document control.

This combination of management tools means that we can recommend to our clients a lifecycle plan from conception: scheduling standard maintenance requirements for resources and materials, planning for obsolescence of the existing legacy systems and managing modifications and upgrades as the assets mature.

Safety Lifecycle Services

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