Installation and Commissioning, Verification and Validation

Commissioning and Startup

System Installation and Tests
SELLA CONTROLS experts can support installation of the safety system on site: professionally, efficiently and with specialist knowledge. This also means they are ready to verify any changes.

Once your system has been delivered to site, engineers will assist at any stage of installation from loop testing to power up checks to a comprehensive Site Acceptance Test, as required.

SELLA CONTROLS can help you to carefully install and commission all of the safety functions within the logic system. We ensure that all of the necessary information is provided at all of the operating interfaces.

Our specialist knowledge expedites the entire commissioning process and provides a smooth, safe start-up phase. Subsequently, we will ensure that any necessary configuration changes identified on site are carried out in accordance with the safety plan and IEC 61508 in an efficient and timely manner.

Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and Test Run
We will assist with the relevant functional tests during SAT to ensure that all of the safety functions work in accordance with project specifications.

We can accompany you through the entire process and make all of our experience available to you. This site based assistance can extend to the site test run.

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