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Spares and repairs depot

As part of its after sales service, SELLA CONTROLS offers a full Spares Management and Repairs Service. Based at our main facility in Stockport, our team of technicians provides the customer with an effective response to spares and repairs.

With a full suite of in house technologies and over ten product partners to manage, it is essential that the client can access spare equipment as and when required. Supplied as part of a main system delivery for storage at a maintenance depot or as a bonded stock at SELLA CONTROLS, maintaining a good level of spares is critical.

The availability of spares needs to be managed annually to track usage and shelf life. SELLA CONTROLS' spares management process not only deals with the sale of new spares but, if required, the re test of spares kept in storage. Linked to our service contracts, system archive files relating to spares are kept up to date so that new spares can be issued, when procured, to the latest system requirements.

All service contracts contain a full list of procured spares plus a priced list of recommended additional spares for future procurement.

To ensure that a prompt and efficient repair service is available within the service agreement, all equipment shall be returned to Stockport for assessment, repair and test.

A repair assessment is carried out on the equipment as soon as it arrives at the manufacturers premises. Where an item cannot be repaired, a new or reconditioned part is offered as a replacement. There is a fixed standard fee for a failed component assessment. The cost of the repair/replacement unit will be advised following the failed components assessment.

Where a repair or replacement delivery lead time may impact the availability of spares, SELLA CONTROLS would look, subject to stock levels, to offer a temporary spare until the repair or replacement can be returned.

  • Prompt and Efficient Service for Spares Management
  • Flexible approach to Equipment Repair
  • Cost Effective Management of Spares Holding

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