System Planned Maintenance

Systems engineer doing planned maintenance

SELLA CONTROLS' Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programs are structured to ensure a trouble free operation of working is maintained throughout the system lifecycle. All equipment has a finite life and during a comprehensive PPM visit, engineers conduct periodic inspection, re-calibration and verification on the performance of integral components and sub systems.

As the reliability of any system is directly related to PPM activities, SELLA CONTROLS aims to maximize the availability and efficiency of the systems to which these services are applied. For all term Service Contract Agreements, SELLA CONTROLS can perform a schedule of Planned Preventative Service activities. These range as follows:

System Software PPM
SELLA CONTROLS can undertake a software PPM on the system software to assess performance, archive software and clean temporary files. Usually we recommend that this be carried out at least twice during a twelve month term.

Full System PPM
SELLA CONTROLS can undertake a full System PPM on the entire system equipment to carry out full system dilapidation. Depending on the scope of the System PPM, (System Dilapidation), this activity will require a level of planning and is to be carried out prior to the completion of the service contract.

PPM reports will be supplied for each site/equipment set and submitted individually for approval. All documentation is be submitted for approval 28 days before the completion date of the service contract.

The completion of structure Planned Preventative Maintenance during any annual service agreement ensures that any potential failure points can be spotted prior to failure.

  • Maintain System Availability and Efficiency
  • Assessing System Performance to Reduce Operational Downtime
  • Providing a Statement of Asset Condition

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