Power Projects

The case studies listed here provide an overview of a selection of projects which have been provided with SELLA CONTROLS safety and control systems.
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Aberthaw FGD Boiler Trip Panel

Application: Boiler Trip Panel
Installation Area: Aberthaw Power Station, UK
Client: Alstom Power Ltd

The Flue Gas Desulphurisation Project will reduce the emissions produced by the coal-fired power station. This will allow Aberthaw to operate under the new European environmental regulations defined in the Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD), which came into force on 1st January 2008. The trip panel provided was designed, built and programmed by SELLA CONTROLS. The panel employs a HIMA F35 safety PLC to provide SIL 1 interlock to the boiler. The logic responds to 3 analogue signals and 1 digital input from the plant. The logic was designed using HIMA ELOP Factory.

SELLA CONTROLS has provided two identical panels to date. Due to the choice of a programmable safety PLC, modifications and upgrades can easily be made to the functionality of the system as the project develops and throughout the lifetime of the plant.

E.ON UK - Emergency Shutdown ESD

Application: October 2008
Installation Area: Cottam and Blyborough, UK
Client: E.ON UK

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract by E.ON UK to supply a SIL 2 rated Emergency Shutdown System (ESD).

The ESD monitors a gas pipeline running between Cottam power station, Nottinghamshire, and Blyborough, Lincolnshire, a distance of 22 miles and replaces the existing hardwired system, which is based on the HIMA Planar F. The Planar F was installed in system cabinets located in outstations at both sites. This equipment was removed and replaced with the new ESD system based on the HIMA HIQuad H41q-HS programmable logic controller (PLC).

The new system was installed and commissioned by SELLA CONTROLS during a scheduled shutdown period. The contract also included the supply and installation of new door mounted tile matrices into the system cabinets at each end of the pipeline, replacing the existing units. The contract forms part of a larger plant upgrade project being undertaken by E.ON UK over a period of several months.

Hartlepool and Heysham - Voting Logic Panels

Application: Voting Logic Panels
Installation Area: Hartlepool and Heysham 1, UK
Client: AMEC

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract by AMEC to supply 4 Voting Logic Panels for use at Hartlepool and Heysham 1 power stations. Two Voting Logic Panels were supplied to each of the power stations.

The panels monitor critical flooding levels in specific situations and show status indications. They automatically shut down the appropriate pumps in the event of pre set flooding levels being reached. Based on 2oo3 logic, the panels are custom designed by SELLA CONTROLS to fit a “Maximum Envelope” based on a compartmentalised design to allow some sections to work independently, whilst other sections are in maintenance or commissioning modes. In order to allow thorough proving of the design, SELLA CONTROLS produced a custom test rig with some actual plant level sensors connected to the inputs, testing all paths through the logic.

Heysham 2, Bromide Level Alarm Panels

Application: Bromide Level Alarm Panels
­Installation Area: Heysham 2 Power Station, UK
Client: AMEC

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract by AMEC to provide an array of panels for use on the Bromide Window Alarm at the Heysham 2 Power Station. The contract was for the supply of three Alarm Panels, three Repeater Panels and a Marshalling Panel.

The sensors at the bromide windows give signals when the level of bromide drops causing the panels to give warnings to personnel at various locations around the relevant areas of the plant. Standard audible and visual alarm functions are provided, together with LED lamp indicators to give reliability and long life expectancy. The internal power is provided by a 24v DC system.

Ho Ping, Taiwan - Large Mimic Display

Application: Large Mimic Display
Installation Area: Ho-Ping Power Station, Taiwan
Client: ABB Alstom Power

Plant mimics and mosaics provide the operator with a complete overview of their plant and process, enabling a clear and precise situation analysis at any given point in time. Working closely with long-standing product partners, SELLA CONTROLS offer a wide range of tile sizes, colours and symbols to develop mimics and mosaics to meet exact customer requirements which are simple to modify as the plant and processes are developed over time. The Mimics we provide are versatile in size and function – ranging from small desktop displays to full wall plant replicas.

One of the largest Mimics we have completed to date was for the Ho-Ping Power Station in Taiwan, a project which was awarded to us by ABB Alstom Power Plants in Cheshire. The Mimic, supplied in two sections to cover the AES and EHV functions on the plant totalled almost 10 metres in length and measured over 2 metres high. This project was completed in 2000 and SELLA CONTROLS have completed many other Mimic and Mosaics to date for similar projects.