Exxon Esso, Fawley FCCU Olefins Project, Protective Instrument System

Application: Protective Instrument System
Installation Area: Fawley Refinery, Southampton, UK
Client: Exxon Esso

SELLA CONTROLS provided a large stainless steel panel, incorporating both safety and control systems, for use on the FCCU Olefins Project for the Exxon/Esso Chemical Refinery at Fawley, Southampton.

This Protective Instrument System (PIS) consisted of an Emergency Shutdown System and Fire and Gas Detection System, both of which comprised of HIMA Planar F solid state logic, certified to the equivalent of SIL3. The PIS comprises of simplex field I/O and simplex logic for all subsystems with the exception of the overspeed trip for the turbine and part of the trip output for the compressor, which were configured in Duplex to increase availability.

The Control Systems were based in the local panel end and comprised of compressor control logic and hazardous area instrumentation with Eexn, Eexd and Eexp technologies employed. A large annunciator and mimic mounted at the top of the panel displayed status of the plant and systems and to date, the panel, at over 6m long and 2.5 m high, is one of the larger ones we have supplied as a single unit.

Download SELLA CONTROLS' Panel Build brochure.

Download SELLA CONTROLS' Safety Systems brochure.


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