Kemutec Project Crystal - Control Panels

Application: Control Panels and Systems
Installation Area: Genzyme, Ireland
Client: Kemutec Group

SELLA CONTROLS' involvement in the Genzyme Project “Crystal”, comprised the design, engineering, build and installation of a PLC / Electrical Control panel and operator control panel on the Irish site.

The Genzyme system is controlled by a Siemens PLC located in the Cone Mill main power panel which controls the rotary valves, cone mill motor and vacuum motors. The main power panel consists of two sections, one containing the motor controls and other power devices whilst the other section contains the PLC equipment, including ethernet communication links and low voltage, hard wired safety equipment. Interfacing with this panel is a stainless steel process area panel which contains switches and lamps for the display of normal running and maintenance modes of operation.

This was the first job undertaken with Kemutec and many more have followed since including Package Control Systems, blending systems controls and further systems for milling control functions.

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