Terra Nitrogen - Burner Management (BMS)

Application: Burner Management System (BMS)
Installation Area: Terra Nitrogen, Teesside
Client: MCE Group / Terra Nitrogen

SELLA CONTROLS provided a 9 Burner Management System to MCE Group in Teesside, for use on the Terra Nitrogen site. The system implemented was a HIMA H51q-HS programmable system, hosting a dual I/O Bus and Simplex I/O configuration.

The Burner Management System is part of the larger auxiliary boiler / burner controls, with the workstation being located in the Central Control Room. Boiler and Burner functions are critical activities in most process industries and where traditional systems would provide a non-integrated approach for features such as normal start up & shutdown, and boiler protection (including safety interlocks and upset conditions). With advanced technology, an integrated approach can be used.

The HIMA fault tolerant, failsafe systems provide an integrated control solution for Burner Management Systems, and operate within similar parameters to those of a normal Emergency Shutdown System.

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