Mayflower and Cattedown - Tank Overfill Protection (TOPS)

Application: Tank Overfill Protection Solution (TOPS)
Installation Area: Plymouth, UK
Client: PROjEN

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract by PROjEN PLC to provide a Tank Overfill Protection Solution (TOPS) for use at the Greenergy owned Mayflower and Cattedown tank storage sites in Plymouth.

The sites are undergoing major refurbishment in line with HSE recommendations following the Buncefield Incident. The refurbishment programme will see the capacity of the site almost double, with the tanks holding a range of fuel products including ULSD, PU50, Kerosene, ULSB, Bio-Diesel and Bio-Ethanol.

The SELLA CONTROLS system is based on the HIMA HIMatrix programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and is rated to SIL 2 in accordance with IEC 61508. The solution will be split across the two sites and a jetty, where fuel comes into the terminal and will be networked together using the built in safeethernet capability. IS barriers will also be fitted to allow for use in a Zone 2 hazardous area. The solution comprises a number of F31 and F3DIO HIMatrix PLC’s and will monitor I/O signals from the tank level indicators, loading and product transfer pumps and the loading arms for the road tankers.

This contract is a continuation of an earlier project in which SELLA CONTROLS installed a stand alone TOPS to monitor the level on a single tank. The stand alone system is based on the F20 HIMatrix, which is rated up to and including SIL 3, and is fitted to the side of the tank in an enclosure. The system monitors tank levels and transmits data to the site DCS. The ESD pushbutton used in the solution is line monitored, providing additional safety to the system should a failure of the pushbutton or associated wiring occur. The solution also complies with machinery directive EN954-1.

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