Occidental PS-1, ESD and Fire and Gas Detection

Application: Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) and Fire and Gas Detection System
Installation Area: Offshore/Onshore Qatar
Client: Occidental Petroleum of Qatar (via ABB PTE)

Through ABB PTE in Singapore, we are commissioning a completely integrated Emergency Shutdown, Fire and Gas Detection System and DCS for the PS-1K Project. This latest series of programmable systems comply with SIL3 at IEC61508.

Working as a direct contract to Occidental, we have recently undertaken extensive modifications to the existing systems on the PS1 complex, on which we have installed a series of Emergency Shutdown and Fire and Gas Detection Systems over the last few years. The modification program involved the relocation of the existing control room on the central PS1 platform to a more remote location and therefore a more safe distance from the production area. The work on this project had to be done on a live basis and was successfully completed without any shutdowns or downtime.

Our work with Occidental is supported by a full compliment of site service programmes in which our engineers inspect and test the current systems on a regular basis in line with the requirements of the customer.

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