Rosetta, Egypt - ESD and FGD

Application: Emergency Shutdown (ESD) and Fire and Gas Detection (FGD)
Installation Area: Offshore/Onshore Alexandria, Egypt
Client: Rashid Petroleum Company (Rashpetco)/Emerson

The Rosetta gas field development project involves both on and offshore facilities, comprising an offshore gas production platform and an onshore gas processing plant. SELLA CONTROLS was awarded the contract by Emerson (formerly Fisher Rosemount) to design, build, manufacture, test and commission the Emergency Shutdown and Fire and Gas Detection Systems, for both on and offshore facilities.

The heart of both the ESD and the Fire and Gas Safety Systems is the HIMA HIQuad Programmable Electronic System (PES). HiQuad is certified to the latest international functional safety standards by TUV to DIN V 19250 AK6, equivalent to IEC 61508 SIL3. A small HIMA Planar4 solid state hardwired logic system was also provided, offering diverse technology for high criticality safety loops. Planar4 is certified to IEC 61508 SIL4.

The communications aspect of the Rosetta project was addressed with a combination of safe communications between the HIMA safety systems, utilising HIMA’s certified safety protocol. This can be used through a variety of transmission media such as cable, fibre or radio. The latest development of this safety bus is the ‘Safe Ethernet’, which is certified to SIL3 by TUV. For communications between HIMA PES safety systems and the (Fisher Rosemount)Delta V Process Control Systems, we utilised the OPC (OLE for process control), which includes a Dual SATELLITE link between the offshore and onshore plants.

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