UK Refinery - High Integrity Alarm System

Application: High Integrity Alarm System
Installation Area: UK Refinery

SELLA CONTROLS has developed a HIMax-based high integrity system for interfacing with more than 1000 alarms at a major UK refinery.

The replacement system is built around a HIMA HIMax programmable electronic system (PES), which offers protection to SIL 3. It interfaces with nine legacy alarm systems (each with up to 120 alarms) around the refinery and a workstation for displaying the status of each alarm. The system also includes dedicated workstations for use in the refinery’s two independent process streams.

HIMax employs HIMA’s XMR architecture, where the ‘MR’ stands for Modular Redundancy and the ‘X’ denotes that it can run with up to four Central Processor Units (CPUs); as opposed to fixed Triple or Quadruple Modular Redundancy (TMR and QMR respectively). Also, each CPU is dual (1002D) processor-based, so the system can still operate at SIL 3 with just a single CPU.

Each I/O module within HIMax has its own set of microprocessors, giving it the integrity and diagnostic capabilities to meet SIL 3 requirements; and the testing at I/O-level releases the capacity of the main CPUs, allowing faster and larger systems to be achieved. In addition, HIMax has virtually unlimited expansion potential.

The high integrity alarm system is providing non-stop operation and greater levels of redundancy and fault tolerance than the system it replaces. Also, the addition of the workstations in the process trains makes for a far better fit to the refinery’s operational requirements.

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