E.ON UK - Emergency Shutdown ESD

Application: October 2008
Installation Area: Cottam and Blyborough, UK
Client: E.ON UK

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract by E.ON UK to supply a SIL 2 rated Emergency Shutdown System (ESD).

The ESD monitors a gas pipeline running between Cottam power station, Nottinghamshire, and Blyborough, Lincolnshire, a distance of 22 miles and replaces the existing hardwired system, which is based on the HIMA Planar F. The Planar F was installed in system cabinets located in outstations at both sites. This equipment was removed and replaced with the new ESD system based on the HIMA HIQuad H41q-HS programmable logic controller (PLC).

The new system was installed and commissioned by SELLA CONTROLS during a scheduled shutdown period. The contract also included the supply and installation of new door mounted tile matrices into the system cabinets at each end of the pipeline, replacing the existing units. The contract forms part of a larger plant upgrade project being undertaken by E.ON UK over a period of several months.

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