Northern Rail - Customer Information System (CIS)

Application: Customer Information System (CIS)
Installation Area: Leeds, North East England
Client: Northern Rail

Northern Rail awarded a contract to Funkwerk Information Technologies Karlsfeld GmbH, (Funkwerk ITK GmbH) to supply a customer information system across 74 stations in the Leeds area. Funkwerk ITK GmbH was selected for this project for its proven track record in delivering CIS systems and was able to offer automatic and prerecorded announcements. The system architecture consists of a dual redundant CIS server control solution connected via an IP network to 74 station locations across Northern Rail’s franchise. At each station location network equipment and Funkwerk Station Interface Units (SIU) provide connections to display media and public address equipment.­

The CIS server equipment will provide control for displays and announcements, SIU equipment and operator workstations. The new central control computer will be installed at Northern Rail’s data centre in Manchester. From here it will receive timetable and train describer dataon scheduled train movements. From this information the CIS applicationwill generate control commands for displays and announcements accordingto the current train traffic situation. These commands are then transmitted to the appropriate SIU via Northern Rail’s corporate IP network. Information and system functionality is presented to Northern Rail operators via two operational workstations, located in Leeds. Theseallow operators to carry out corrective interventions, e.g. in case of deviations or technical defects or large-scale operations disturbances and broadcast announcements to all 74 stations.

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