Southern Railway - Selective Door Opening (SDO)

Application: Selective Door Opening / Train Door Interlocking
Installation Area: Southern Railway, UK
Client: Porterbrook Leasing Company

Systems implemented by SELLA CONTROLS not only provide benefits in cost and simple configuration but also provide improved safety for passengers and operating staff alike. Selective door opening and train door safety interlocking are just two applications which SELLA CONTROLS has developed over the years.

Demand for this type of system has increased in line with passenger numbers over recent years, which ultimately sees an increasing number of trains entering into the station being too long for the platforms they stand alongside.­­

Selective Door Opening and Train Door Safety Interlocks work by only allowing the doors which are alongside a platform to open, with the remainder remaining locked. For applications such as train door selection and vehicle location, SELLA CONTROLS offers the latest version of their established Tracklink system.

Developed in-house, Tracklink is based on inductive loop technology, comprises a fixed transmitter unit and a transmitting beacon. Current versions now offer track to train communications at speed in addition to standstill communications as offered by the original Tracklink System. Loop health monitoring is via a hardwired healthy / fault signal back to the control room with the option of land line or radio links.

The benefits offered by these type of systems are reflected in maximum use of the platforms, leading to reduced train dwell times and an increase in both operator and passenger safety and has so far been adopted by companies such as Bombardier, Network Rail and Porterbrook.


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