Trinity Rail - Automated Tipping Box Wagons

Application: Automated Tipping Box Wagons
Installation Area: Railtrack Rolling Stock (UK)
Client: Trinity Rail

The operation of opening and shutting doors manually on ballast hopper wagons and the operation of tipping box wagons normally requires the operator to be in close proximity to the potentially dangerous operation. Operating doors and tipping box mechanisms manually also requires the wagon to be stationary and the processes are typically slow.

The solution to these problems was to work the operations via remote control. This gives the operator the freedom to stand in the position which gives him the best view of the operation whilst being a safe distance from the source of potential danger.

In 2001 SELLA CONTROLS secured the contract to supply the electrical controlsystem for 300 side tipping wagon control panels to Trinity Rail (formerly Thrall Europa) in the UK for use on Railtrack rolling stock. At the beginning of 2004, we provided a further 100 electrical sets. Each wagon control system consists of an electrical control box, 4 junction boxes and 25 cable assemblies which work through radio remote control to provide safe operations.

Since the provision of 100 additional electrical sets for side tipping wagons, SELLA CONTROLS has continued to supply replacement cable assemblies, cable sets, power supplies and other general spares to Trinity Rail for use on the tippingbox wagons.


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