Siemens VAI Radio Control and Manual Control Systems

Application: Taphole Drill and Mud Gun Control Systems
Installation Area: Toranagallu, India
Client: Siemens VAI Metals Technologies Ltd

SELLA CONTROLS is supplying radio control and manual control systems to Siemens VAI in the UK. These radio control systems and manual control desks will ultimately be used to control Taphole Drills and Clay Guns on the number 4 blast furnace at the Jindal South West Steel Ltd, No.4 Blast Furnace, Toranagallu, India.

The Taphole Drills and Clay Guns on a blast furnace are large machines which are used to release and stop the flow of molten metal from the bottom of the blast furnace. The taphole drill is a fully-hydraulic machine used to drill a hole at the bottom of the furnace to allow the molten metal to flow out into a trough system, and into crucibles for further processing. It moves into position and drills a typical Ø55mm hole through 3.5 meters of hard-baked refractory clay, before retracting. Once the required amount of molten metal has been collected then the hole is plugged using the mud gun.

Again this is a fully-hydraulic machine which slews into position with its nozzle against the open taphole, and then uses a ram cylinder at 315bar hydraulic pressure to extrude taphole clay from its barrel assembly and force it down the taphole. There are four taphole drills and four clay guns serving the furnace. The operating conditions for these machines are extremely arduous, and consideration for the safety of the operators is paramount. Hence the primary control for using these machines will be by the radio remote control system. Using radio remote control allows the operator to stand in the optimum position where he can get the best view of the operation but also stand in a safe position.

The manual control desks for drills/guns 1 and 2 will be located in the West Casthouse Control Room, and controls for drills/guns 3 and 4 will be located in the East Casthouse Control room. These desks will be used as a back-up to the radio control systems. The desks have been custom-manufactured to an agreed design. SELLA CONTROLS has supplied many similar applications to both domestic and international markets in previous years.

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