Rail Projects

The case studies listed here provide an overview of a number of projects which have been provided with Hima-Sella transport related systems.
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First Capital Connect - Customer Information System (CIS)

Application: Customer Information System (CIS)
Installation Area: Bedford, London, Wimbledon, Brighton
Client: First Engineering

­First Engineering, on behalf of Network Rail and First Capital Connect, awarded a contract to Funkwerk Information Technologies Karlsfeld GmbH, (Funkwerk ITK GmbH) to supply a customer information system covering 23 stations from Bedford, through London to Wimbledon and Brighton.

The system architecture consists of a dual redundant CIS server installed at the West Hampstead Signal Box and connected via an IP network to the 23 station locations. At each station location, network equipment and Funkwerk Station Interface Units, (SIU) provide connections to display media and public address equipment.

First Capital Connect operational personnel are provided with access to the CIS control features via operator workstations. These provide visibility of national timetable data, train describer feeds and current operational performance. In addition to this, operators are able to select from a range of pre recorded announcements. These can then be broadcast to any station on the system.

Part of the scheme included the supply of the CIS solution for the new First Capital Connect station at St Pancras International. This station replaces the City Thameslink station at Kings Cross and will be the main terminus for First Capital Connect’s passengers arriving in London.

The system provides automatic announcements for all FCC services to any station at which it is in use. In addition to this the operators are able to broadcast prerecorded and live announcements. Funkwerk ITK targets the eventual supply of this system to all First Capital Connect stations.

London Underground - Runback Protection

Application: Runback Protection Systems
Installation Area: London Underground
Client: Metronet BCV / Metronet SSL

SELLA CONTROLS had already developed a programmable control unit for railway applications, with the most common use for this design being the provision of throttle control, standstill detection and speed monitoring and limiting.

Subsequently we were approached by Metronet to provide a safety solution which would prevent trains from rolling backwards once they had reached a destination. Function and operation is primarily determined by the programming of the two RISC controllers and thus a high degree of redundancy and self checking can be built in.

Our design met the requirements of SIL2 according to IEC 61508. The design hosts 8 digital inputs, 1 dual channel sensor input, 5 relay outputs, 1 pulse output and an RS232 port. The system also incorporates a 2 x 16 display for fault diagnosis and status information. Upon detecting a fault, the system will fail to the safe condition.

The runback system also incorporates a data logging facility to record when faults and runback conditions occur. A custom designed sensor is used on some of the trains and is fitted to the end of the axle or traction motor.

Runback protection equipment is fitted to trains on the following lines:

  • Bakerloo
  • Circle
  • District
  • Hammersmith and City
  • Metropolitan
  • Waterloo and City

London Underground - SDO and CSDE

Application: Selective Door Opening and Correct Side Door Enabling
Installation Area: London Underground
Client: London Underground

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract by Metronet Rail SSL (now owned by London Underground) for the design and supply of a selective door opening (SDO) and correct side door enabling (CSDE) system to ensure the correct amount of doors are enabled and the doors in the train adjacent to the platform are enabled. (Read the detailed case study here).

The system utilises SELLA CONTROLS’ unique Tracklink III solution, which is the latest generation of Track to Train communication systems. The system comprises a passive beacon which is fixed to the platform, and train mounted equipment consisting of two antennas, Tracklink III reader and SIL2 programmable controller. The trackside beacon sends information regarding which side the platform is on and which doors should be opened, depending on the platform’s length. This is received by the antenna and the reader and the information is processed by the controller which opens the corresponding doors. The Tracklink III antenna, reader and controller installed on 191 new Bombardier trains and the passive trackside beacons is fitted on the Circle, District, Metropolitan and City lines.

This is the latest Metronet contract awarded to SELLA CONTROLS, after previously taking delivery of runback protection systems for use on the London Underground.

London Underground Central Line Comms Control System Upgrade

Application: Central Line CCS Upgrade
Installation Area: London Underground
Client: London Underground

Under a contract awarded in 2011 by London Underground, SELLA CONTROLS will provide a comprehensive and fully integrated solution for the control of:

  • Tunnel Telephones (TT)
  • Long Line Public Address (LLPA)
  • Long Line Closed Circuit Television (LLCCTV)
  • An interface to London Underground’s dedicated telephone network

The solution will also include an extensive alarm and event management suite.

The new CCS solution will utilise proven and established technologies. Through SELLA CONTROLS’ exclusive UK partnership agreement with Germany-based Hörmann Funkwerk Kölleda GmbH (HFWK), SELLA CONTROLS will supply third generation DIKOS 310 technology integrated to our own (developed in-house) iCMS SCADA package to create a single point of operation for the line’s controllers.

The system architecture will comprise server redundancy, telephone concentrator, PA Audio router and CCTV matrix and be controlled by operator workstations.

Network Rail - Sleeper Wagon Control Panels

Application: Electrical Control Sets
Installation Area: Mansfield, UK
Client: WH Davis (for Network Rail)

SELLA CONTROLS supplied electrical control equipment to WH Davis Ltd for use on their sleeper carrying wagons, which were being built and supplied to Network Rail.

The 100 wagon control sets are built to third party design and consist of a main control panel, 2 off junction boxes, a control station and a lighting box control station. The contract award follows on from previous work SELLA CONTROLS has carried out to build control panels for the WH Davis sleeper carrying wagons, having originally secured a contract to build 2 prototype wagon control panels and a test panel in 2004.

Since being awarded the contract to manufacture the prototype sets and test panel, SELLA CONTROLS has supplied over 120 sleeper carrying wagon control sets to WH Davis Ltd. ­

As well as supplying complete control sets for the wagons SELLA CONTROLS has provided a range of spares for the products including test panels and spare junction box enclosures.

Nexus - Trainborne Trainstop Control

Application: Trainborne Trainstop Control System
Installation Area: Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, UK
Client: Nexus / Metro

The current Train Stop system is based on the European Indusi signalling system, this works with beacons on the track which oscillate at 1 KHz or 2 KHz depending on the condition of the signal, red or green.

The trainborne trainstop electronics detect the presence of these 1 KHz or 2 KHz signals and bring the train to automatic stop if the driver fails to manually bring the train to a halt. The trainborne electronics were designed in the 1970’s and had become life expired and increasingly difficult to maintain. SELLA CONTROLS has designed a new trainborne control stop system which functionally is the same as the old system but has improved diagnostics and a safer and improved method of tuning the electronics to the trainborne magnets. The new system also incorporates a datalogger.

The contract covers 90 Metro vehicles and 3 works locomotives (+ 1 tamper) to be fitted out with new equipment to replace the original Control boxes, filter units and relay banks. Our scope of supply includes the design of a prototype system, type testing, fitting of 5 off pre-production units with a 30 day trial, full safety approvals and delivery of the remaining units.

Northern Rail Harrogate - Customer Information System (CIS)

Application: Customer Information System (CIS)
Installation Area: Harrogate, North East England
Client: Northern Rail

SELLA CONTROLS has completed improvements to the Customer Information System (CIS) at Harrogate station for Northern Rail. We delivered new Long Line Public Address and information screens as part of Northern Rail’s long-term commitment to improve customer information for rail passengers at all its stations.

Harrogate station was previously served by a standalone control solution for CIS. This project involved connecting Harrogate to the Funkwerk system at Newton Heath and Northern Rail’s Central Operations Room in York. A Station Interface Unit (SIU) connects the station to the CIS servers via the existing secure IT network, allowing operational station staff to issue real time passenger information and automated public address announcements, using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.

It is anticipated that there will be further station enhancement schemes. SELLA CONTROLS had a CIS service contract until 2013 with Northern Rail, for third line support services including 24/7 Telephone helpdesk, emergency engineers and support required for annual planned preventative maintenance activities and the two major timetable changes each year. SELLA CONTROLS supports Northern Rail’s operational personnel and nominated first line maintainer, responsible for day-to-day maintenance of station-based SIU equipment.

Northern Rail - Customer Information System (CIS)

Application: Customer Information System (CIS)
Installation Area: Leeds, North East England
Client: Northern Rail

Northern Rail awarded a contract to Funkwerk Information Technologies Karlsfeld GmbH, (Funkwerk ITK GmbH) to supply a customer information system across 74 stations in the Leeds area. Funkwerk ITK GmbH was selected for this project for its proven track record in delivering CIS systems and was able to offer automatic and prerecorded announcements. The system architecture consists of a dual redundant CIS server control solution connected via an IP network to 74 station locations across Northern Rail’s franchise. At each station location network equipment and Funkwerk Station Interface Units (SIU) provide connections to display media and public address equipment.­

The CIS server equipment will provide control for displays and announcements, SIU equipment and operator workstations. The new central control computer will be installed at Northern Rail’s data centre in Manchester. From here it will receive timetable and train describer dataon scheduled train movements. From this information the CIS applicationwill generate control commands for displays and announcements accordingto the current train traffic situation. These commands are then transmitted to the appropriate SIU via Northern Rail’s corporate IP network. Information and system functionality is presented to Northern Rail operators via two operational workstations, located in Leeds. Theseallow operators to carry out corrective interventions, e.g. in case of deviations or technical defects or large-scale operations disturbances and broadcast announcements to all 74 stations.

Northern Rail - Customer Information Systems and Public Address Enhancements

Application: Customer Information System (CIS) and Public Address (PA) Enhancements
Installation Area: Darwen, Wigan Wallgate and Rainhill stations, North West England
Client: Northern Rail

SELLA CONTROLS has commenced work on two projects to provide full design and delivery services for Customer Information System (CIS) and Public Address enhancements at three Northern Rail stations.

Under the first contract, SELLA CONTROLS is supplying new customer information screens and a new Public Address system at Darwen Station. On completion, Darwen Station will be connected to CIS Servers controlled from Northern Rail’s Operational Control Centre in Manchester via the ATOS station controller over the existing secure IT network. This architecture will provide operational personnel with the ability to provide real-time passenger information and automated public address announcements. SELLA CONTROLS will also be supplying new DDA-compliant induction loop technology.

Under a separate contract SELLA CONTROLS is improving the level of customer information at two additional stations in the North West: Rainhill and Wigan Wallgate. Again working in partnership with Northern Rail, the company is supplying new retail telecommunications equipment on behalf of Merseytravel and Northern Rail.

For both, stations SELLA CONTROLS is supplying new customer information screens controlled by the existing ATOS Origin CIS System installed at Newton Heath and operated from Northern Rail’s Operational Control Centre in Manchester. As with the enhancements to the CIS at Darwen Station, this will enable operational personnel to provide real-time passenger information and automated public address announcements.

The systems at the Rainhill and Wigan Wallgate stations are being delivered in parallel, affording the end client a number of cost-savings.

Southern Railway - Selective Door Opening (SDO)

Application: Selective Door Opening / Train Door Interlocking
Installation Area: Southern Railway, UK
Client: Porterbrook Leasing Company

Systems implemented by SELLA CONTROLS not only provide benefits in cost and simple configuration but also provide improved safety for passengers and operating staff alike. Selective door opening and train door safety interlocking are just two applications which SELLA CONTROLS has developed over the years.

Demand for this type of system has increased in line with passenger numbers over recent years, which ultimately sees an increasing number of trains entering into the station being too long for the platforms they stand alongside.­­

Selective Door Opening and Train Door Safety Interlocks work by only allowing the doors which are alongside a platform to open, with the remainder remaining locked. For applications such as train door selection and vehicle location, SELLA CONTROLS offers the latest version of their established Tracklink system.

Developed in-house, Tracklink is based on inductive loop technology, comprises a fixed transmitter unit and a transmitting beacon. Current versions now offer track to train communications at speed in addition to standstill communications as offered by the original Tracklink System. Loop health monitoring is via a hardwired healthy / fault signal back to the control room with the option of land line or radio links.

The benefits offered by these type of systems are reflected in maximum use of the platforms, leading to reduced train dwell times and an increase in both operator and passenger safety and has so far been adopted by companies such as Bombardier, Network Rail and Porterbrook.

Trinity Rail - Automated Tipping Box Wagons

Application: Automated Tipping Box Wagons
Installation Area: Railtrack Rolling Stock (UK)
Client: Trinity Rail

The operation of opening and shutting doors manually on ballast hopper wagons and the operation of tipping box wagons normally requires the operator to be in close proximity to the potentially dangerous operation. Operating doors and tipping box mechanisms manually also requires the wagon to be stationary and the processes are typically slow.

The solution to these problems was to work the operations via remote control. This gives the operator the freedom to stand in the position which gives him the best view of the operation whilst being a safe distance from the source of potential danger.

In 2001 SELLA CONTROLS secured the contract to supply the electrical controlsystem for 300 side tipping wagon control panels to Trinity Rail (formerly Thrall Europa) in the UK for use on Railtrack rolling stock. At the beginning of 2004, we provided a further 100 electrical sets. Each wagon control system consists of an electrical control box, 4 junction boxes and 25 cable assemblies which work through radio remote control to provide safe operations.

Since the provision of 100 additional electrical sets for side tipping wagons, SELLA CONTROLS has continued to supply replacement cable assemblies, cable sets, power supplies and other general spares to Trinity Rail for use on the tippingbox wagons.