Mobile Solutions

Through our own designed products, custom solutions and our product partners, SELLA CONTROLS is able to offer a range of products and solutions for on-board rail vehicles.

  • Selective Door Operation, Correct Side door enabling, traction limiting trigger, pantograph raise or lower trigger, tunnel enter/exit, regenerative braking on/off by use of our Tracklink III or GPS based solutions or a combination of both to determine train location.
  • Trainnet® control electronics from product partner EKE Electronics for applications such as Train Control and Management System (TCMS), Train Communication Networks, Vehicle Control units, Vigilance Control System, Event Recording.
  • Special External cameras for Driver Only Operation (DOO), Pantograph and Front facing application including Airflow optimized dust and weather protection housings for use with high speed trains.
  • Drivers displays for use in train cabs.
  • Safety and control. Bespoke or COTS safety solutions for rail vehicles.