Axle Counting Systems

Train detection, Level crossing, axle counting, wheel sensing

Train detection system UTR / ITR is based on the detection of train wheels by the rail wheel sensor ZK24-2, transmission of the wheel pulses via the 4-wire transmission line, and evaluation of the wheel pulses in relay interface unit UTR245 / ITR245 with safety relay or transistor outputs.

The detection system is used for switching on (system UTR) and switching off (system ITR) the level crossing and for any other signalling safety system that requires the train detection.

Train detection system UTR consists of the rail wheel sensor ZK24-2 and the relay interface unit UTR245. Train detection system ITR consists of the same rail wheel sensor ZK24-2 and the relay interface unit ITR245.

  • Detection of wheel with train speeds up to 350 km/h
  • Double rail wheel sensing system in one package – detection of direction
  • Ideal replacement for old mechanical or magnetic switch-on/switch off devices, track circuits or loops



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