SELLA CONTROLS’ work in the steel industry is bringing a fresh perspective on how technology and innovation can impact on processes that have existed for so long. Backed up by many years of experience in the radio remote control business, SELLA CONTROLS supplies proven products, which provide complete solutions certified to the latest international standards for functional safety (EN 954-1 for crane-related applications and EN 50239 for rail applications).

Consequently, SELLA CONTROLS is ideally placed to supply you with some of the most reliable and cost effective products on the market.

Typical applications supplied by SELLA CONTROLS to the Steel industry include:

  • Radio Remote Control Systems
  • Cranes and Shunting Locomotives Control
  • Clay Gun / Tap Hole Drill Control Systems
  • Burner and Furnace Management Systems
  • Safety Shutdown Systems
  • Control Panels
  • SCADA Systems
  • Bogie and Transfer Cars
  • Plant Monitoring
  • Mimics and Displays

The following examples illustrate our range of applications and projects undertaken in the UK:

Tata Steel Europe, Scunthorpe
  • Radio Control of Locomotives
  • Radio Control of Cranes
  • Shunting Robot for Long Rail Loading
  • Remote Control of Silos
  • Coke Oven Gas Booster Control and Safety System
  • Fire Protection Gas Booster Control and Safety System
Tata Steel Europe, Teesside
  • Radio Control of Clay Guns
  • Radio Control of Tap Hole Drills
  • Radio Control of Cranes
  • Radio Control of Bogies, Beam Mill
  • Radio Control and Data Logging of Locos
Tata Steel Europe, Port Talbot
  • Fail Safe RFID Based Coke Oven Interlocking System
  • Radio Control of Locos
  • Radio Control of Cranes
  • Radio Control of Clay Guns / Tap Hole Drills
  • Remote Control of Coke Oven Extractor Fans
  • Fail Safe Remote Control of Stock Yard Stacking and Reclaiming Machines
  • Remote Control of Barrel Reclaimer
  • Control Desks for Blast Furnace Control
  • Hot Mill Furnace Shut Down System

SELLA CONTROLS uses the very latest technology, and combined with extensive systems integration skills, meets the demand for scalable safety and control solutions without compromising safety requirements. SELLA CONTROLS offers a comprehensive range of post installation technical support and training to fully support the systems we have installed.

SELLA CONTROLS has also supplied the following systems to steel works in countries including India, Taiwan, Korea and China:

  • Radio Control of Clay Guns
  • Radio Control of Tap Hole Drills
  • Control Desks for Blast Furnace Controls
  • Radio Control of Locos