Tracklink Solutions

The Tracklink III System is an RFID based technology using the UHF radio frequency band.

The component parts of the system are a train mounted receiver and antenna or antennas along with infrastructure mounted tags or beacons.

The Tracklink III reader is a robust unit designed to be used in the harsh electrical and mechanical conditions of rail rolling stock. It is designed to be mounted on the underside of the vehicle.

The Tracklink III reader can be supplied with two separate antennas for mounting on the side of the vehicle for reading tags on the platform invert or it can be supplied with an integrated antenna which is used for mounting under the rail vehicle for reading beacons mounted in the 4-foot.

The Tracklink III Reader has a microprocessor controller which monitors for correct operation and reports its status over the RS485 communication port.

The Tracklink III Tag or Beacon is beam powered, which means that the RF field generated by the Tracklink III reader energises the Tracklink III Tag circuit so that no internal battery is required.

The Tracklink III Tag contains a circuit and antenna which is activated by the beam of the Tracklink III reader antenna. The Tracklink III Tag transmits and reflects an encoded signal back to the Reader which decodes the signal for application specific functions.

The Tracklink III tag is a small device for mounting on the platform invert whilst the Tracklink III beacon is of a more robust design for mounting in the 4-foot and has a number of installation options for fixing to rail fastenings such as E-Clip, Fastclip, Vossloh and screw fixing to timber sleepers. All these mounting methods are quick and easy taking no more than 5 minutes to install a beacon. Tracklink III beacons are Network Rail Product Approved.

Typical utilisation is for train and vehicle location schemes, Train Door Selective Opening Systems (SDO), Correct Side Door Enabling (CSDE), traction limiting, regenerative braking enabling/disabling, pantograph up/down, tunnel in/out and any other type of geographical trigger.

Train Control Systems are fundamental to the safety and efficiency of the modern railway system. SELLA CONTROLS, through our expert engineers and staff, is working to provide the very latest thinking in the field. Using emerging technologies and the best product partners we install systems that deliver safety with a flexible approach.

Runback Protection which we designed to prevent a train from rolling backwards, having reached its destination. The design meets the requirements of Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2) in accordance with the IEC 61508 standard for functional safety and includes a data logging facility to record when faults and runback conditions occur. Runback has been fitted to underground trains across London.

Trainborne Trainstop Control was delivered to Nexus, working closely with our product partner Deuta-Werke. The system based on the European Indusi signalling system works with beacons on the track responding to a red or green signal. The system offered improved diagnostics and a safer method of tuning the electronics to the trainborne magnets and the contract covered 90 Metro vehicles together 3 works locomotives and one tamper.