Network Rail ‘Safer Isolations’ Project

SELLA CONTROLS to supply TRACKLINK® products for Network Rail ‘Safer Isolations’ Project

Stockport, United Kingdom – Systems integration specialist SELLA CONTROLS is pleased to announce the contract award by McNicholas Construction to supply its Tracklink® RTU and P2P technologies to Network Rail. Formerly referred to as the Safer Isolations Program, Network Rail are implementing a trial of its B5 Isolation Process across four areas of the Wessex route.

The B5 Isolation works form part of a main contract awarded to McNicholas Construction by Network Rail as part of its Electrification and Plant framework. Working closely with Network Rail, SELLA CONTROLS and McNicholas Construction will be supplying a control solution that will allow Network Rail to remotely apply isolations to a substation busbar, track section or an entire line of route.

Using modern Negative Short Circuit Devices (NSCD) installed into the electrical feeding arrangement at specific locations, Network Rail will be able to apply an isolation to the section. Each section is equipped with a Consolidated Control Panel (CCP) to control multiple NSCD devices. When the CCP is used to apply an isolation the NSCD introduces a physical break in the electrical circuit preventing the electrical controllers from re-energising the rail. This can then be locked out at the CCP to allow track works to commence. Once the track works are complete and the track is clear, the isolation team can then remove the isolation and give the all clear to the electrical control room.

SELLA CONTROLS’ scope is the complete design, safety assurance, engineering, build, test, and commissioning of its equipment. The CCP units will be a design that will utilise the now fully accepted Tracklink® RTU solution. This will be integrated with the NSCD Local Control Panel. To enable the CCP to control remote NSCD equipment along the section, Tracklink® P2P equipment is being supplied as a remote controller.

As the application requires an element of Safety Assurance, SELLA CONTROLS will be able to utilise engineering expertise in its functional safety team to complete this process. These activities include HAZOP Workshops, Safety Case documentation and certification.

The control solution will be installed along four sections under trial. One application will be installed on a section between Staines and Datchet with the remaining three sections between Guilford and Havant. This covers an entire line of route.

Chris Elliott, SELLA CONTROLS’ Business Development Manager for Rail commented. “This is a significant project for Network Rail aimed at making the application of isolations safer, quicker and more secure. The delivery of the B5 Isolations project to Network Rail is critical for their business ahead of the next control period (CP6). Having worked closely with McNicholas to develop the scheme design for Network Rail, we are now focused on delivering a successful trial installation. ”

When the current owners of SELLA CONTROLS acquired the business in 2007 they targeted the introduction of a new range of SCADA products to the rail and power market. Now ten years on, SELLA CONTROLS has supplied its Tracklink® SCADA, RTU and P2P products to the rail market in a variety of applications.