Design Engineering Services

Design and Engineering

SELLA CONTROLS can help you to visualise safety and control engineering concepts and functional specifications. Certified engineers are responsible for engineering, programming and integration of safety related systems – e.g. into DCS and asset management systems.

Our considerable experience, intelligent interpretation of safety hardware typicals and preconfigured software modules ensures that your solution is implemented not just how you want it, but also safely, efficiently, on time and within budget. Our use of modern, standard engineering and project management tools is fundamental to this.

SIL Verification

SELLA CONTROLS can support you in assessing the Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD) of each SIF concerned, and therefore to fulfil all of the functional Safety requirements of the Safety Logic Solver.

This includes detailed SIL verification reports. These reports also provide a firm foundation on which to build optimised maintenance strategies.

Inspection and Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

SELLA CONTROLS will conduct a complete system configuration test using simulated field devices.

This means that the system is only delivered to site once it’s been fully tested and accepted by you, our customers.