Event Recorders

A Trainnet® Event Recorder (ER) is an on-board data recorder for collecting and storing vital train-borne information. The Trainnet® Event Recorder can record all kinds of data including audio and video streams.

Key features

Trainnet® Event Recorders are able to record virtually any available signals, analogue or digital. The Event Recorder can be programmed to record safety critical information like train speed, train position or brake temperature. The Event Recorder can also record video streams from onboard digital video recorders (DVR) or directly from the cameras. For easy data retrieval, the stream format can be made compatible with your CCTV Software or any other video analysis Software that you are using. Alternatively, we can develop customized video analysis tools to fit your needs.

Trainnet® Event Recorders have an Ethernet port, a USB port and an RS-485 port at the front for easy access. The Ethernet port and the USB port can be used to download the data stored in the recorder. Alternatively, the Ethernet port can be used to connect to a sub-system or an Ethernet Switch. The RS-485 port can also be connecting sub-systems.

All the Trainnet® Event Recorders are protected against shocks, vibration, humidity, temperature variations, excessive emissions and excessive voltages (follows the EN50155 standard). Front-panel imprints are available upon request.


Additional interfaces can be easily added to the Event Recorder, as the system is modular. You can add bus interfaces such as MVB, CAN, Serial Links or Ethernet to connect with train sub-systems or Train Communication Network (TCN) in order to acquire data. You can also add Input/Ouput Interfaces to record various signals. Available I/O Interface Modules include Analogue Input, High Speed Analogue Input, Digital Input/Output, Digital Relay Output, Analogue Output and Pt-100 temperature Sensor Input.

Integrated event recorder

For a compact and efficient system, Trainnet® Event Recorder can be used as part of a broader Trainnet® system, for instance integrated to a Gateway, a VCU or a TCMS.

Data retrieval and analysis

Data can be retrieved at any time via the Event Recorder Ethernet port using the Trainnet® TIP Software (Train Inspection Program). The TIP Software enables the download and the analysis of the train data. Alternatively, the data can be transferred to a USB stick, for convenient transport or storage. The data is easily imported from the USB stick to the TIP Software.

The Trainnet® Event Recorder proves useful beyond traditional use following an incident. The retrieved data can be visualized with the Trainnet® TIP Software in order to perform regular system performance analysis and train operational optimization.