Mimics and Mosaics

Different technologies are required for Annunciation and for Process Mimic Graphics. SELLA CONTROLS produces a range of mosaic systems for special applications. The mosaic technique is precisely matched to client requirements. One of the most important components in mosaic systems is the graphic design.

SELLA CONTROLS has continuous experience of design and manufacture, using direct CAD-CAM systems. The CAD data is transferred directly to the flatbed plotters (2000 x 1200mm) which gives the guarantee of reproducible solutions and the highest accuracy.

Most RAL based colours are available. Text and graphics are plotted with special etching inks making texts very durable without the need to machine (engrave) the surface of the tiles. All text fonts can be transferred to the mosaic. CAD standards and email allow world wide clients to review and approve graphics and text prior to production.

The SELLA CONTROLS mosaic systems PMM248 and PKM 248 are available in tile sizes 24×24; 24×48 and 48×48. The systems differ mainly in the grid construction used. System PMM248 uses a die-cast aluminium grid. System PKM248 uses a plastic grid system which consists of individual strips and pins allowing a modular and flexible assembly.

Both systems are available in seismic approved configurations for use in critical applications, such as offshore sites or for nuclear power plants. Both systems can easily be modified as requirements change.

The SELLA CONTROLS gridless mosaic system PGM24 is a tile size 24x24mm and the system PGM18 has tile size 18x18m. Compared with other technologies, these systems are amongst the most cost effective mosaic solutions.

SELLA CONTROLS’ capability to provide high quality controls panels is complemented by a selection of control room equipment delivered in conjunction with product partners.

A variety of industrial control room features are offered:

• Modular Display Cubes (incorporating Digital Mirror Technology)

• TFT LCD Systems (Displays for Professional applications)

• Wall management (Control software for Large Screen Systems)

• Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

• Custom built Desks and Consoles

• Tile Mosaic and Mimic Displays