In the fast developing world of nuclear energy, SELLA CONTROLS is at the forefront of providing high reliability process control and functional safety solutions in this most critical and hazardous environment. As the nuclear industry moves into its biggest phase of expansion so far, SELLA CONTROLS is applying its 45 years’ experience gained across every major site in the UK, to help deliver the same pragmatic intelligent applied solutions which are the SELLA CONTROLS stock in trade.

SELLA CONTROLS also provides control and instrumentation systems for a wide range of power generation customers – ranging from water treatment to nuclear processing.Our extensive engineering skills combined with the use of proven technology ensure that optimum environmental, personnel and plant protection is provided.

When safety is set to the critical levels demanded by this industry, SELLA CONTROLS applies the same rigour and disciplines it does in all our projects, delivering excellence and value for money without compromising on quality or safety.

Our skill is to offer flexible joined up solutions which utilise the best engineered products with the applied intelligence of our expert engineering team to achieve full potential of clients systems to agreed cost effective targets. All covered by our quality standards and international standards governed by IEC 61508 for Functional Safety Management. We use the very latest technology, and combined with extensive systems integration skills, meet the demand for scalable safety and control solutions without compromising safety requirements. A comprehensive range of post installation technical support and training is available to fully support the systems we have installed.

The following examples illustrate our range of applications, and further details are available at the downloads page:

  • LADS Filter house project – assorted control panels
  • Skip handler desks – on board operator control desk
  • De-Contactor Panel and Junction Boxes
  • Solvent Treatment Plant Safety Trip System
  • Control Panels for Sellafield Product and Residue Store (SPRS) Solvent Treatment Plant Fire Detection and Deluge System
Hunterston A
  • Combined Safety Shutdown and Control System
  • Insertion Device Control Systems, Diamond Light Source B220.29 TA Interlock and Indication Panels
  • D1203 Glass Evaporator Control System – Design and Build
  • Sizewell A (34) Rod Control Panels
  • WylfaPLC Control Panels
  • Effluent Filter PLC Control Systems
  • Generator Replacement Cubicle
  • CJC Control Panels
  • Operator Control Panel
  • Various Control Panels and Systems
  • Alpha Server Systems Cabinets
Undisclosed location
  • PLC Control Systems
  • HVAC Control Systems
SCADA Systems
  • Trace Heating Control Systems
  • Thyristor Control Panels
  • Various Control Panels and Systems