Oil and Gas Projects

The case studies listed here provide an overview of a selection of projects which have been provided with SELLA CONTROLS safety and control systems.
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ACG Project, Central Azeri

Application: Instrumented Protection System
Installation Area: Central Azeri, PDQ Platform, Azerbaijan
Client: Azerbaijan International Operating Company (AIOC)

SELLA CONTROLS has provided and commissioned multiple Instrumented Protection Systems (IPS) on the Central Azeri Platform, Offshore Azerbaijan. The systems, utilising programmable technology in dual configuration, achieve SIL3 in accordance with IEC61508.

Located 100km East of Baku, standing in 128m of water, Central Azeri (which takes supply from Azerbaijan’s Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli (ACG) Field) began production in February 2005 with the production platform now boasting a staggering overall capacity of 420,000 barrels per day.

The Central Azeri facilities are made up of a 48-slot Production, Drilling and Quarters (PDQ) platform. Processed oil was initially transported to market via existing pipelines, before the dedicated Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan route became operational in 2005. The Azeri oil is being piped to land through a dedicated pipeline laid to the Sangachal processing and storage facility, South of Baku, before being piped into the Azeri gas system for domestic use.

Since the completion of this project, SELLA CONTROLS has been awarded an additional contract to provide a replacement Programmable Electronic System (PES) for a water damaged panel on the Central Azeri Platform. The replacement panel is also required to achieve SIL3 in accordance with IEC61508. The panel, along with the provision of site support and spare parts, provides a continuation of SELLA CONTROLS’ working relationship with Azerbaijan International Operating Company (AIOC).

B-193 Wellhead Platforms - HIPPS

Application: HIPPS
Installation Area: Offshore Western India
Client: Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)

SELLA CONTROLS has supplied High Integrity Pressure P­rotection Systems (HIPPS) for use on five of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation’s (ONGC’s) unmanned well platforms; as part of the operator’s B-193 cluster development off Western India.

The HIPPS is a safety instrumented system designed to prevent over-pressurisation of downstream plant and equipment by isolating flows at source or at key points along a pipeline. Each HIPPS is independent of all other safety systems on the platforms – thus providing an isolated, fully autonomous and failsafe layer of protection – and comprises: three electronic pressure transducers; a dedicated HIQuad programmable electronic system (performing two-out-of-three voting on the transducers’ outputs) and HIPPS shutdown valve/actuator assemblies, each with dual solenoid valves (which are SIL 3 certified in accordance with BS EN 61508).

HIPPS panels are located in non-air-conditioned building modules on each platform and are powered from batteries which are kept topped up by solar panels. A particular challenge for this application was that the HIPPS had to draw very l­ittle power, and that was a driving factor in the selection of the HIMA HIQuad as the logic behind the system. SELLA CONTROLS acted as the technical authority for the project, producing system documentation including calculations for TUV to issue the SIL 3 certificates.

Breagh Alpha - HIPPS and ESD

Application: HIPPS and ESD
Installation Area: Teesside Gas Processing Plant, Seal Sands
Client: Teesside Gas Processing Plant

Two contracts were awarded for the design, manufacture and installation of safety systems for the Teesside Gas Processing Plant (TGPP) at Seal Sands in Middlesbrough, currently being modified to receive and process gas from the Breagh field in the North Sea.

Under one contract, awarded by AMEC, SELLA CONTROLS is providing an Emergency Shutdown (ESD) system at the processing plant which is being built around a HIMA HIQuad H51q-HS (SIL 3 rated) Programmable Electronic System (PES), which features dual redundant CPUs and will reside in four system cabinets (three of which will be at the processing plant and a fourth that will be located on the unmanned Breagh Alpha platform – approx. 100km offshore).

Under the second contract, awarded by J. Murphy & Sons Ltd, a civil engineering and building contractor, SELLA CONTROLS is providing a High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) which will be located at a Beach Valve Compound (a landfall site about 10km from the processing plant for a 20” class 1500 pipeline from the Breagh Alpha platform). The HIPPS will also be based on the HIMA HIQuad H51q (PES) and will perform 2oo3 voting on pressure transmitters to provide autonomous and fail-safe protection of the downstream pipeline against overpressure.

Dragon LNG Import Terminal, HIPPS

Application: High Integrity Pressure Protection (HIPPS)
Installation Area: Dragon LNG Terminal, Milford Haven
Client: Whessoe Oil & Gas Ltd

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract by Whessoe Oil & Gas Ltd to supply a High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) for the Dragon LNG Import Terminal at Milford Haven.

The Dragon LNG Import Terminal, will import, store and regasify Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The LNG is transported to the Dragon LNG Import Terminal by LNG carriers which will berth at the plant’s jetty. The LNG will then be pumped into two storage tanks; LNG is then regasified and sent to customers along a gas pipeline connecting with the National Transmission System (NTS).

The High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS), provided by SELLA CONTROLS, comprises a H41qHS system in a single bay cabinet. The system is used to monitor vital pressure signals and will shut down the gas pumps at the terminal if required. The system provided by SELLA CONTROLS is required to meet Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2) in accordance with IEC 61508.

The Dragon LNG Import Terminal is set to operate continuously, 365 days a year. The terminal is capable of receiving LNG carriers of up to 217,000 cubic metres in capacity and sending out approximately 700,000 cubic metres of natural gas to the NTS per hour.

EnCana Buzzard, North Sea

Application: Solid State Emergency Shutdown (ESD)
Installation Area: Buzzard Field, North Sea
Client: ABB Automation

In 2004, SELLA CONTROLS supplied a Solid State Emergency Shutdown System to ABB Automation in the UK.

The system, utilising HIMA Planar4 technology, which has been built to SIL3 according to IEC61508, forms part of a larger control system present on the EnCana operated Buzzard Field Development.

The Buzzard field, which lies approximately 100 km Northeast of Aberdeen was discovered in 2001 and is now expected to yield in excess of 400 million barrels of recoverable reserves through its 27 production wells (eight of which were pre-drilled during the field investigation phase) and 16 water injection wells. At the peak of its production, Buzzard is expected to recover between 180,000 and 190,000 barrels of oil per day. In 2006, SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a further contract to upgrade and provide additional modifications for the revised specification to the ESD system on the Buzzard platform.

Hammerfest - ESD, HIPPS, SIS

Application: Multiple Safety Systems (ESD, SIS, HIPPS)
Installation Area: Hammerfest, Norway
Client: ABB AS

SELLA CONTROLS was selected by ABB AS to fully design and engineer multiple safety systems for use on the LNG plant.

We provided multiple protection systems, including Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Safety Instrument Systems (SIS) and High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) to oversee operations on the Process Barge LNG plant itself. Using a combination of the HIMA Planar4 hardwired and HIMA HIQuad programmable technology, our systems interface with the ABB DCS to give maximum asset protection.

Snøhvit is currently the most northerly gas field to be explored anywhere in the world and is to be the first major development on the Norwegian continental shelf with no surface installations. No fixed or floating units are visible. Sub-sea production facilities stand on the seabed, in water depths of over 250 metres.

A total of 21 wells are expected to produce gas from the Snøhvit, Askeladd and Albatross fields which will then be transported through a 160-kilometre pipeline to the Onshore gas processing facilities on the specially prepared island at Melkøya, just outside Hammerfest. Melkøya will carry out cooling and processing of the gas which will then be transported out in special tanker vessels.

HIMax Programmable Electronic System (PES) at UK Refinery

The first UK installation of HIMax at a major refinery – and an evaluation of HIMA’s ‘XMR’ architecture

As an integral element of safety within the petrochemical industry, safety systems can be implemented in a variety of ways. The vast majority of solutions see the connection of field detectors hard-wired back to a programmable electronic system (PES) which then feeds into a site’s process control system.

Assuming all detectors and associated cabling are completely sound, system availability and reliability are wholly down to the architecture of the PES; and this is something a leading UK petrochemical refinery wished to evaluate when sourcing a safety system. The refinery turned to SELLA CONTROLS; a world-class designer, supplier and integrator of safety, control and automation systems and which has considerable experience in the petrochemical industry. Already familiar with a number of HIMA safety-related products – around which SELLA CONTROLS builds its systems – the refinery’s engineers were invited to HIMA in Germany for an introduction to the HIMax platform.

Intended for large, critical production processes, HIMax was launched in May 2008 and offers protection to SIL 3, which is the highest level achieved with PES-based systems. Like many other safety monitoring platforms, I/O modules are used to interface with field sensors and central processor units (CPUs) which make the top-level decisions. However, what makes HIMax unique is that it employs HIMA’s XMR architecture. Here the ‘MR’ stands for Modular Redundancy and the ‘X’ denotes flexibility in that it can run with up to four CPUs – as opposed to fixed Triple or Quadruple Modular Redundancy (TMR and QMR respectively).

Also, as each CPU is dual (1002D) processor-based, the system can still operate at SIL 3 with just one CPU. Each I/O module within HIMax has its own set of microprocessors, giving it the integrity and diagnostic capabilities to meet SIL 3 requirements. The testing at I/O-level releases the capacity of the CPUs, allowing faster and larger systems to be achieved.

HIMax has virtually unlimited expansion potential, and its underlying XMR architecture means that both hardware and software changes can be achieved without the need for a shutdown. The system is also cited as delivering the lowest probability of fail to danger (PFD); an essential aspect of any safety-critical system.

Impressed with HIMax, and the fact that the system was already being used by other companies for safety systems in mainland Europe, the engineers proceeded with an order, making their application the first use of HIMax in a UK refinery.

In order to evaluate HIMax, SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a £130,000 contract in November 2008 to design and commission a SIL-rated gas detection system. The installation included a HIMax PES, two line-of-site (LOS) gas detectors, 13 IR gas detectors and a panel-mounted graphical matrix (indicating detector locations). Also included within the scope of the project, were two field-mounted cameras, supplied as a CCTV system that sends images to the site’s control room via the HIMax panel.

The system went live in late 2009 and is affording the refinery complete peace of mind that it is doing its job whilst being conducive to expansion in the future.

KårstØ Utbyggings - ESD with Marshalling

Application: ESD with Marshalling
Installation Area: KårstØ, Haugesund, Norway
Client: MW Kellogg for Statoil

SELLA CONTROLS was selected by contractor MW Kellogg, to design, engineer, build and test six separate safety shutdown systems which are now situated on a third gas processing train on this Statoil owned project. These Emergency Shutdown Systems comprise of marshalling cabinets, HIMA Planar F solid state logic cabinets and HIMA HIQuad PLC system cabinets.

Planar F and HIQuad meet the safety standards of IEC 61508 and DIN V 19250. The PLC’s are programmed using the latest HIMA programming software package ELOP II, based on the requirements of IEC 61131-3. Each of these solutions is used to control the safety functions over vast areas of the Europipe II, Receiving Area, Propane, Ethane, Sales Gas and the larger Train 400 pipelines on the plant.

KUP involves the subsea and subterrainean transportation of oil and gas between the Karsto plant on the East coast of Norway and the Asgard offshore oil field. The KUP Project was completed in early 2000 and SELLA CONTROLS continues to have a number of similar safety and control system projects in hand, utilising the very latest in HIMA safety system technology.

The KårstØ Utbyggings Prosjekt (KUP) in Haugesund, Norway was one of the larger projects undertaken by SELLA CONTROLS at the time. Since then, the KEP2010 project has become our largest to date.

Holford Gas Storage - ESD

Application: Emergency Shutdown Panels (ESD)
Installation Area: Holford, Cheshire, UK
Client: Jacobs Engineering

Jacobs Engineering UK Ltd awarded SELLA CONTROLS the contract for the supply of eight Emergency Shutdown Panels (ESD), for installation in the Drakelow Borehole areas of the Brine and Water Infrastructure aspect of the Holford Gas Storage Project.

Designed to communicate with a Delta V control system, the shutdown systems incorporate the HIMA F35 HIMatrix PES for use in upto and including SIL 3 applications. Due to the temperature specifications, thermostats and anti-condensation heaters were also included. The systems (Input Terminal to Output Terminal) supplied comply with the requirements of IEC61508 – SIL2.

Maersk D and E - ESD and Fire and Gas Detection

Application: Emergency Shutdown and, Fire and Gas Detection Systems
Installation Area: Al-Shaheen Platforms – Offshore Qatar
Client: Maersk

SELLA CONTROLS provided Emergency Shutdown and Fire and Gas Detection Systems for the location D and E Offshore Platform Projects for Maersk, Qatar.

Utilising HIMA HIQuad H51q-HS, we provided a tailor made solution, certified to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 at IEC 61508. The main operator interfaces to the ESD/FGD system were provided by dual PC based HMI stations running Intellution iFix SCADA software via an Ethernet link. In this instance, Maersk specified the required integrity level for the Programmable Electronic System (PES) as SIL3. Operator controls and interfaces at the FGD/ESD panel are provided via front of panel mounted indicators and pushbuttons. The system I/O is configured as simplex (single channel).

Mayflower and Cattedown - Tank Overfill Protection (TOPS)

Application: Tank Overfill Protection Solution (TOPS)
Installation Area: Plymouth, UK
Client: PROjEN

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract by PROjEN PLC to provide a Tank Overfill Protection Solution (TOPS) for use at the Greenergy owned Mayflower and Cattedown tank storage sites in Plymouth.

The sites are undergoing major refurbishment in line with HSE recommendations following the Buncefield Incident. The refurbishment programme will see the capacity of the site almost double, with the tanks holding a range of fuel products including ULSD, PU50, Kerosene, ULSB, Bio-Diesel and Bio-Ethanol.

The SELLA CONTROLS system is based on the HIMA HIMatrix programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and is rated to SIL 2 in accordance with IEC 61508. The solution will be split across the two sites and a jetty, where fuel comes into the terminal and will be networked together using the built in safeethernet capability. IS barriers will also be fitted to allow for use in a Zone 2 hazardous area. The solution comprises a number of F31 and F3DIO HIMatrix PLC’s and will monitor I/O signals from the tank level indicators, loading and product transfer pumps and the loading arms for the road tankers.

This contract is a continuation of an earlier project in which SELLA CONTROLS installed a stand alone TOPS to monitor the level on a single tank. The stand alone system is based on the F20 HIMatrix, which is rated up to and including SIL 3, and is fitted to the side of the tank in an enclosure. The system monitors tank levels and transmits data to the site DCS. The ESD pushbutton used in the solution is line monitored, providing additional safety to the system should a failure of the pushbutton or associated wiring occur. The solution also complies with machinery directive EN954-1.

Occidental PS-1, ESD and Fire and Gas Detection

Application: Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) and Fire and Gas Detection System
Installation Area: Offshore/Onshore Qatar
Client: Occidental Petroleum of Qatar (via ABB PTE)

Through ABB PTE in Singapore, we are commissioning a completely integrated Emergency Shutdown, Fire and Gas Detection System and DCS for the PS-1K Project. This latest series of programmable systems comply with SIL3 at IEC61508.

Working as a direct contract to Occidental, we have recently undertaken extensive modifications to the existing systems on the PS1 complex, on which we have installed a series of Emergency Shutdown and Fire and Gas Detection Systems over the last few years. The modification program involved the relocation of the existing control room on the central PS1 platform to a more remote location and therefore a more safe distance from the production area. The work on this project had to be done on a live basis and was successfully completed without any shutdowns or downtime.

Our work with Occidental is supported by a full compliment of site service programmes in which our engineers inspect and test the current systems on a regular basis in line with the requirements of the customer.

Ormen Lange - HIPPS

Application: High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)
Installation Area: Nyhamna, Norway
Client: Mokveld Valves BVB

SELLA CONTROLS supplied 4 High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) on the Ormen Lange Project, working with Mokveld Valves in the Netherlands. The turnkey package consisted of the supply of the logic solver and HIPPS valves for incorporation onto the gas receiving facility for the Ormen Lange Field which is located at Nyhamna on the Western coast of Norway.

When the untreated well stream arrives at Nyhamna, it is directed to a reception unit known as a “slug catcher”. Here liquids will be stopped from progressing further and damaging the process plant. It is on these slug catchers that the SELLA CONTROLS HIPPS systems, comprising of solid state technology, designed and built to IEC61508 SIL3, will reside.

Once the gas has been processed and compressed for export, it is transported by the world’s longest subsea export pipeline approximately 1200 kilometres from Nyhamna to the new landfall pipeline at Easington in the UK. Here, incoming gas is cleaned, measured and adjusted to meet pressure and temperature conditions required for further transport through the through the UK’s distribution Network.

Pearl GTL Project - HIPPS

Application: High Integrity Pressure Protection (HIPPS)
Installation Area: Pearl GTL, Qatar
Client: Honeywell Control Systems Ltd

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract to provide a High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) for the Pearl Gas To Liquid (GTL) plant at Ras Laffan, Qatar. The plant is being developed by Qatar Petroleum and Shell.

SELLA CONTROLS provided a fail safe solid state HIPPS Logic Solver solution based on the HIMA Planar4, which is certified by TÜV in accordance with IEC 61508. The HIMA Planar4 System is a well established, proven product based on decades of experience in the technology of hard-wired non programmable controllers and on the approved and successful Planar F System.

The Pearl GTL Project is an exciting world scale project that will help Qatar to meet its aspiration to be the GTL capital of the world. Pearl GTL will create upstream and downstream value for Qatar/Shell by converting natural gas resources into 120,000 barrels per day of natural gas liquids and 140,000 barrels per day of valuable, clean liquid hydrocarbon products for export to markets around the world.

Peru LNG Export - HIPPS

Application: High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)
Installation Area: Peru LNG Project, Pampa Malchorita, Peru

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded the contract to provide a High Integrity Pressure Protection System for use on the Peru LNG Export Project in Pampa Malchorita, Peru. The Peru LNG Export Project is a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) liquefaction plant located approximately 170 km south of Lima. The project, one of the largest ever to be undertaken in Peru, is seen as one of the most important resources in the Peruvian governments energy strategy.

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded the contract to design, build, wire, test and deliver a HIPPS logic solver using solid state HIMA Planar4 technology. The HIPPS valves are tripped by an overpressure signal detected by three pressure transmitters. The configuration is based on 2oo3 voting, giving a high reliability and high availability for the system.

The logic used in the HIPPS will be in a dual logic configuration, either of which will maintain the outputs in a healthy condition, meaning any single trip due to the failure of a Fail safe module will not cause a trip. The system provided by SELLA CONTROLS is rated at SIL3, in accordance with IEC61508. The Peru LNG Project will export the natural gas produced, in excess of domestic demand, and is expected to generate approximately $800 million per year. Exports are expected to commence in mid 2010.

Ratnagiri, India - Skid Mounted HIPPS

Application: High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)
Installation Area: Ratnagiri, India
Client: Whessoe Oil & Gas

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract by Whessoe Oil & Gas Ltd to supply a Skid Mounted High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) for a LNG Import Terminal at Ratnagiri, India. The HIPPS system is based on the HIMA HIMatrix safety PLC’s and is certified to SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 61508.

The HIPPS is mounted on a Skid to simplify transportation to the site and local installation. The complete system is split into two parts. The two 18 inch Mokveld HIPPS valves with associated pipework, pressure transmitters, compressed air operating system, limit switches and junction boxes will be mounted on a skid frame. This will then be dropped in to the LNG Import pipework on the jetty, close to the tanker offloading area. The skid will be classed as a hazardous area meaning the junction boxes must be Ex certified.

The ESD system is to be located in a safe area in a nearby local control room and hardwired to the junction boxes on the skid. The LNG terminal, located on India’s west coast, is being refurbished under new ownership after having been previously decommissioned in 2005. Once refurbishment is complete the sites capacity should be approximately 1 million tonnes per year.

Rosetta, Egypt - ESD and FGD

Application: Emergency Shutdown (ESD) and Fire and Gas Detection (FGD)
Installation Area: Offshore/Onshore Alexandria, Egypt
Client: Rashid Petroleum Company (Rashpetco)/Emerson

The Rosetta gas field development project involves both on and offshore facilities, comprising an offshore gas production platform and an onshore gas processing plant. SELLA CONTROLS was awarded the contract by Emerson (formerly Fisher Rosemount) to design, build, manufacture, test and commission the Emergency Shutdown and Fire and Gas Detection Systems, for both on and offshore facilities.

The heart of both the ESD and the Fire and Gas Safety Systems is the HIMA HIQuad Programmable Electronic System (PES). HiQuad is certified to the latest international functional safety standards by TUV to DIN V 19250 AK6, equivalent to IEC 61508 SIL3. A small HIMA Planar4 solid state hardwired logic system was also provided, offering diverse technology for high criticality safety loops. Planar4 is certified to IEC 61508 SIL4.

The communications aspect of the Rosetta project was addressed with a combination of safe communications between the HIMA safety systems, utilising HIMA’s certified safety protocol. This can be used through a variety of transmission media such as cable, fibre or radio. The latest development of this safety bus is the ‘Safe Ethernet’, which is certified to SIL3 by TUV. For communications between HIMA PES safety systems and the (Fisher Rosemount)Delta V Process Control Systems, we utilised the OPC (OLE for process control), which includes a Dual SATELLITE link between the offshore and onshore plants.

SABIC UK Petrochemicals WGEP Pipeline - Safety Instrumented Systems

Application: Programmable Electronic Systems (PES)
Installation Area: Wilton, Teesside, UK
Client: SABIC UK Petrochemicals

SELLA CONTROLS provided 20 programmable electronic systems to protect valve stations along the Wilton-Grangemouth Ethylene Pipeline (WGEP).

The installations are part of an upgrade programme which commenced in 2010 and includes the replacement of the valve stations’ Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and hardwired valve interlocks with a BS EN 61508 safety system.

At the valve stations, which are in remote locations, a number of parameters are monitored including valve positions, upstream and downstream pressures, temperatures, cathodic protection, battery charger status and product flows. SELLA CONTROLS’ solution for localised safety within each valve station is the HIMA HIMatrix F35 Programmable Electronic System (PES), which has 8 analogue inputs, 24 digital inputs, eight digital outputs, three Fieldbus ports and four configurable Ethernet ports.

All 20 PESs for the WGEP upgrade were programmed by SELLA CONTROLS, using HIMA’s IEC 61131-3-compliant ELOP II software tool.

In a separate contract, SELLA CONTROLS has also provided a Safety Instrumented System (SIS – and again based on a HIMatrix PES) to SABIC UK Petrochemicals to protect its Teesside, Arthur Taylor Jetty Arm. Located in a Jetty Electrical Hut, the SIS is a standalone SIL 3 system with fail-safe inputs and outputs.

Talisman Affleck over Clyde - HIPPS

Application: High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)
Installation Area: Clyde Platform – North Sea
Client: Wood Group Engineering (North Sea) Ltd

The Affleck over Clyde Project consists of the provision of topside reception facilities for gas from the Affleck field. Because the gas arrives at a higher pressure than Clyde was designed for, the need for a High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) was identified.

Talisman Energy (UK) Limited, which operates the platform, appointed Wood Group Engineering (North Sea) Ltd as principal contractor on this project. Wood Group Engineering (North Sea) in turn awarded SELLA CONTROLS the contract for the design, manufacture and supply of the HIPPS logic solver in addition to the procurement and supply of the HIPPS valves and pressure transmitters.

The logic solver, which achieves SIL 3 according to IEC 61508, comprises of HIMA HIQuad technology which has been provided in duplex configuration. The Clyde oilfield was discovered in June 1978 and production began in 1987. Oil and gas recovered from the field and associated satellite fields is processed on the platform and transferred by separate 16″ pipelines to the nearby Fulmar platform. The oil is then routed via the Norpipe system to Teesside while the gas goes to St Fergus.

Tengiz, Kazakhstan - Programmable Electronic System (PES)

Application: Programmable Electronic System (PES)
Installation Area: Tengiz Field, Kazakhstan
Client: PCC Sterling and PFD

SELLA CONTROLS supplied a H51q-HS programmable electronic system (PES) to PCC Sterling, UK. The PES was for incorporation into a larger Burner Management System for location in the Tengiz field on the Western coast of Kazakhstan.

The system, containing duplexed I/O, was designed and built in accordance with SIL3 at IEC61508. SELLA CONTROLS then carried out full integration of the PES with the associated tie-in control cabinets, which we designed, built and supplied directly to PFD for this project.

Tengiz is currently one of the biggest oil fields in the world, containing 24 billion barrels of high quality oil and between six and nine billion barrels of recoverable oil. Crude oil production at Tengiz was approximately 1.5 million tonnes in 1993 but continuous projects and developments have meant that by 2004 capacity reached 9.6 million tonnes. The most recent project (Tengiz Train 5) is intended to increase production to 370,000 barrels per day.

Terra Nova FPSO - Emergency Shutdown ESD

Application: Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
Installation Area: Grand Banks – Offshore Newfoundland
Client: Brown & Root / Terra Nova Alliance

SELLA CONTROLS supplied the design, engineering, build and commission of an advanced Emergency Shutdown System, which was installed on the turret riser of the FPSO. The system handles signal applicable shutdown level 0 and level 1, together with identified SIL3 (IEC61508) production shutdown on this groundbreaking project.

The ESD has the task of overseeing the safe operation of the Turret Riser ESD isolation valves, depressurisation of the HP/LP subsea hydraulic headers, the blowdown valves and the main processor train oil and gas valves. Our programmable system comprises HIMA HIQuad which is certified to IEC 61508 SIL3, configured with safe communications.

The Terra Nova FPSO was the first of its kind in the Canadian Offshore Sector, located approximately 350km off the coast of Newfoundland. First oil was drilled at the beginning of 2002 and the FPSO is currently working on extracting the oil from the estimated reserves of 370 million barrels.

UK Refinery - High Integrity Alarm System

Application: High Integrity Alarm System
Installation Area: UK Refinery

SELLA CONTROLS has developed a HIMax-based high integrity system for interfacing with more than 1000 alarms at a major UK refinery.

The replacement system is built around a HIMA HIMax programmable electronic system (PES), which offers protection to SIL 3. It interfaces with nine legacy alarm systems (each with up to 120 alarms) around the refinery and a workstation for displaying the status of each alarm. The system also includes dedicated workstations for use in the refinery’s two independent process streams.

HIMax employs HIMA’s XMR architecture, where the ‘MR’ stands for Modular Redundancy and the ‘X’ denotes that it can run with up to four Central Processor Units (CPUs); as opposed to fixed Triple or Quadruple Modular Redundancy (TMR and QMR respectively). Also, each CPU is dual (1002D) processor-based, so the system can still operate at SIL 3 with just a single CPU.

Each I/O module within HIMax has its own set of microprocessors, giving it the integrity and diagnostic capabilities to meet SIL 3 requirements; and the testing at I/O-level releases the capacity of the main CPUs, allowing faster and larger systems to be achieved. In addition, HIMax has virtually unlimited expansion potential.

The high integrity alarm system is providing non-stop operation and greater levels of redundancy and fault tolerance than the system it replaces. Also, the addition of the workstations in the process trains makes for a far better fit to the refinery’s operational requirements.

UK Refinery - Site-wide PLC Upgrade

Application: Site-wide PLC Upgrade
Installation Area: UK Refinery

SELLA CONTROLS commenced work on a site-wide PLC upgrade programme following the customer’s formal acceptance of our Remote I/O and Network box designs, to be used for the programme.

At the site, a HIMA HIMax unit will act as a combined Data Concentrator and large Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), communicating with around 100 network boxes distributed over three fibre-optic control loops. Each Network box will then interface with up to 12 Remote I/O boxes, which in turn will have 25 channels for physically interfacing with motorised valves, switches, sensors and other hardware.

The HIMax unit at the heart of the new PLC network is a Programmable Electronic System (PES), HIMA’s unique flexible platform for large, critical production processes. In its role at the refinery, the HIMax will be the focal data point for the site’s Honeywell EPKS Distributed Control System (DCS). The HIMax will be processing an anticipated 20,000 channels of data, with scope for expansion, and delivering a complete loop response time of less than one second; from field initiation to DCS transmission.

Also key to this comprehensive upgrade programme is the requirement to use off-the-shelf hardware around the site and open-standard communication media protocols (namely Ethernet and Modbus). The installation work is being done ‘live’ in that small local areas shut down for a few hours at a time while the Remote I/O and Network boxes are migrated to take the place of legacy, standalone PLCs. This is possible thanks to HIMax providing uninterrupted system operation while still accommodating changes, additions, maintenance and even proof tests. This negates the need for a site-wide shutdown, thus minimising downtime.

Woqod LPG Bottling Plant, Doha - ICSS

Application: Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS)
Installation Area: Doha, Qatar
Client: Doha Petroleum Construction Co Ltd

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract by Doha Petroleum Construction Ltd to supply an Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) for the Woqod LPG Bottling Plant at Doha, Qatar. Drawing on our extensive systems integration experience we provided a Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3) rated solution in accordance IEC 61508.

The ICSS includes Process Control (PCMS), Emergency Shutdown (ESD) and Fire and Gas Detection (FGD) Systems and is based on the HIMA H41q and H51q HIQuad PLC’s. The system also uses the HIMA HIMatrix PLC’s for Modbus communication between the H41q and a number of weighbridge Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). All systems are integrated to a Citect SCADA system, giving a graphical display of all the plant including diagnostic capabilities.

As a specialist systems integrator, SELLA CONTROLS was able to design and manufacture the ICSS, linking HIMA safety PLCs to various third party hardware, including Allen Bradley PLC’s via Modbus connections. The PCMS console PC, running the Citect SCADA system, also communicates with an Oracle business administration database. SELLA CONTROLS has used extensive systems integration experience to provide a Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3) rated solution in accordance with IEC 61508.

The LPG Bottling Plant, which is Woqod’s first, is situated in Doha’s new industrial area and aims to produce in excess of 25,000LPG cylinders per day. With this plant Woqod aims to meet Qatar’sentire LPG requirements.

Zakum Gas Injection - HIPPS

Application: High Integrity Pressure Protection (HIPPS)
Installation Area: Offshore Abu Dhabi
Client: Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company

Due to falling reservoir pressures in the mature ZAKUM field, ADMA-OPCO needed to provide Gas Injection to maintain the oil reservoir production rates. The reservoir itself has structural problems, where gas break-through to the platforms is possible at full gas injection pressures.

In such circumstances, the gas would over-pressurise the pipework downstream from the wellheads, causing severe damage and ruptures, resulting in the release of oil directly into the Persian Gulf. It was determined that a High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) would be required on the 3 wellhead platforms affected, meeting the requirements of IEC 61508 SIL2 for the complete loop.

Following detailed negotiations, the contract was awarded to SELLA CONTROLS for the supply of the complete HIPPS loop equipment, consisting of pressure transmitters and manifolds, logic solver, solenoid valves, hydraulic and manual actuators and gate valves. SIL2 certified transmitters were procured and we utilised the solid state HIMA Planar4 SIL3/4 logic modules in a SIL3 simplex configuration, mounted into Exe ‘N’ stainless steel enclosures. A Third Party Review of the system was involved in all stages of the design, procurement and testing to monitor and ensure that the systems would still meet the requirements. SELLA CONTROLS’ compliance with the requirements was rewarded with the first ever certificate awarded by CASS / SIRA for functional safely in compliance with IEC 61508.