Petrochemical Projects

The case studies listed here provide an overview of a selection of projects which have been provided with Hima-Sella safety and control systems.
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BP Grangemouth - Jetty 4

Application: Fail safe Shutdown System
Installation Area: BP Grangemouth, UK
Client: Jacobs Engineering, Grangemouth

SELLA CONTROLS has supplied a fail safe shutdown system to Jacobs Engineering in the UK.

The system, utilising HIMA HIMatrix Programmable Logic Controllers, has been built to SIL3 according to IEC 61508 and is for use on the Jetty 4 Upgrade Project on site at BP in Grangemouth. This is one of several projects in a long-standing supply history that SELLA CONTROLS has undertaken directly or through a contractor for the Scottish refinery. Grangemouth is Scotland’s only refinery, which has an annual capacity of around ten million tonnes of crude oil. More than 9 million litres of clean fuels are produced every day in the form of products including liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), petrol, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, fuel oil and heating oil.

Compressor Station - Emergency Shutdown (ESD)

Application: Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
Installation Area: Ajdovščina Compressor Station, Slovenia
Client: Eurotherm

SELLA CONTROLS secured a contract through Eurotherm in the UK for a SIL2 rated Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) for implementation on the Ajdovščina Compressor Station in Slovenia.

The ESD comprises HIMA HIQuad programmable technology and is configured using simplex logic with redundant communications to meet the requirements of this project. It has been more than a quarter of a century since the introduction of gasification in Slovenia and the existing systems have been operating at maximum capacity for the past few years, therefore the introduction of a second gas compressor station at Ajdovščina, near the Italian border, was crucial to increase capabilities.

Natural gas consumption has the largest growth among all fuels in Slovenia and is expected to increase by over 65 percent by the year 2015. The Natural gas currently used begins its journey in the depths of the earth in remote producing areas in Russia, Algeria and Northern Europe. From these wells the fuel travels through large international pipelines to the Slovenian border where it is then directed to industry and private residences. Natural gas is transported throughout Slovenia 24 hours a day, without interruption thanks to 24 hour control and monitoring of the system and gas flowline.

Special attention is paid at all times to compressor stations, which are the heart of the gas pipeline system. The first compressor station is close to the border with Austria, near Kidričevo, with the second station near to the town of Ajdovščina, well underway.

Coryton Refinery, Burner Management System (BMS)

Application: Burner Management System (BMS)
Installation Area: Petroplus Refinery, Coryton
Client: Petroplus Refining

SELLA CONTROLS provided three SIL 3 certified programmable Burner Management Systems at the Coryton Refinery in Essex. Their function is to protect personnel, production and environmental assets.

Each boiler system is capable of shutting down / starting up independently of other units, utilising the standalone HIMA H51q-HS programmable logic controller.

Each panel comprises suite of 2 cabinets both fitted with 2 swingframes. The safety PLC includes mounting for 9 off I/O racks.

The panels have a tiled matrix fitted on the front doors which provide maintenance override keyswitches and status LEDs.

The I/O modules are in duplex configuration for the field signals and simplex configuration for the Front of Panel (FOP) matrix.

The HIMA fault tolerant, failsafe systems provide an integrated control solution for Burner Management Systems, and operate within similar parameters to those of a normal Emergency Shutdown System.

Coryton Refinery - Emergency Shutdown (ESD)

Application: Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD)
Installation Area: BP Coryton Refinery, Essex
Client: AMEC Capital Projects at BP Coryton

SELLA CONTROLS completed the supply and installation of 10 Emergency Shutdown Systems to AMEC Capital Projects Group. These 10 systems form the BP Coryton Cracking Complex Replacement ESD Project and comprise HIMA H51q technology, designed and engineered to SIL3 at IEC61508.

Our scope of supply on this project included the design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and installation of each system. The replacement ESD project is part of BP Coryton’s continuous programme of technical developments. These developments include the use of newly constructed clean fuels units to produce cleaner, virtually sulphur free gasoline and diesel fuels for the UK market.

Grangemouth - Emergency Shutdown (ESD)

Application: Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
Installation Area: Grangemouth, UK
Client: Rohm & Haas (Scotland) Ltd

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded a contract by Rohm & Haas to supply an Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) for a high pressure cleaning system used at its plant in Grangemouth, Scotland.

Rohm & Haas has added high pressure cleaners to five reactors at its Grangemouth plant. The high pressure cleaners have been installed in the reactors to reduce the time taken to clean the reactors, in turn making the production of resins and polymers more efficient. The ESD system, supplied by SELLA CONTROLS, is based on the HIMA HIQuad H51q HS programmable logic controller (PLC). The I/O of each reactor is configured onto individual module cards in order to increase plant availability and fault tolerance. The logic used for the high pressure cleaning ESD ties in with existing logic previously supplied by SELLA CONTROLS. The SELLA CONTROLS system, which is powered by HIMA power supplies, interfaces with both existing HIMA Planar F systems and the ABB DCS on site.

This contract is the latest in a long line of contracts won by SELLA CONTROLS at the Grangemouth plant and includes the design, manufacture installation and commissioning of the system.

Huntsman Jetty 3 Upgrade - SIL3 ESD

Application: SIL3 Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
Installation Area: Wilton, Teesside, UK
Client: Huntsman Petrochemical Ltd

SELLA CONTROLS supplied an Emergency Shutdown System to Huntsman Petrochemicals at Wilton, UK. The system, which is responsible for safe operation of Jetty 3, utilises HIMA H41q HS programmable technology and has been designed and built to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 according to IEC61508.

This system represents the first of a series, with future systems including Jetty 3 propane import trip panel, propane export relay panel and main propane import trip panel likely to be of similar HIMA H41q-HS configuration.

Milford Haven - Emergency Shutdown (ESD)

Application: Emergency Shutdown (ESD)
Installation Area: Milford Haven, UK
Client: Costain Oil, Gas & Process Ltd

SELLA CONTROLS supplied an Emergency Shutdown System to Costain Oil, Gas & Process Ltd in the UK. The system, comprising HIMA Planar4 solid state technology was built to a SIL1 specification and will be used on the Clean Fuels Project at Milford Haven.

The ESD forms part of the huge overhaul currently being undertaken on the Milford Haven site since it was confirmed in 2003 that the site would continue operations. Detailed engineering, procurement, and construction management have since commenced to improve the energy efficiency at Milford Haven, demonstrating the long-term sustainable operations which are to continue at the plant.

MOGAS, Fawley Protective Instrument System (PIS)

Application: Protective Instrument System (PIS)
Installation Area: Fawley, UK
Client: Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd

SELLA CONTROLS supplied a number of systems to Foster Wheeler Energy Limited for use on the Esso / Exxon Fawley sulphur Free MOGAS Project. The Protective Instrument System (PIS) was designed and built according to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 at IEC61508.

It is an independent free standing safety related system containing 4 separate emergency shutdown systems to oversee safe operation of the Feed Pumps, Recycle Gas Compressor, Furnace and Emergency Depressurising System. In addition to the main PIS, local panels, instrument interface and marshalling panels were supplied to cover control functions for local compressors and local heaters.

The Fawley Sulphur Free Mogas Project involves the construction of a new process plant comprising a splitter and SCANfiner. Currently supplying over 15 per cent of all oil products in the UK, the refinery is already the largest in the UK and one of the most complex in Europe, refining some 300,000 barrels of crude oil a day.

OPC Shanghai - Emergency Shutdown (ESD)

Application: Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
Installation Area: OPC PTA Plant, Shanghai
Client: Oriental Petroleum (Shanghai) Corporation

SELLA CONTROLS supplied a large Emergency Shutdown System to Oriental Petrochemical in Shanghai, China. The system, comprising HIMA H51q-HRS technology was built according to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 of the IEC61508 standard.

The SIL3 system resides on the OPC PTA plant which is a grass roots project on a site in a developing industrial area in the Spark Development Zone, Pudong, Shanghai, China. The project includes one core plant with anticipated capacity of 600,000 metric tonnes per year, based on 8000hr/year continuous operation. The site also contains provision for two future core plants each comprising an Oxidation Unit, Purification Unit and auxiliary facilities.

VOC Recovery, Teesside - Fire and Gas Detection

Application: Fire and Gas Detection System (FGD)
Installation Area: VOC Recovery Project, Teesside
Client: Costain Oil, Gas and Process

SELLA CONTROLS was awarded the contract to supply a Fire and Gas Detection System to Costain Oil, Gas & Process Ltd in the UK. The system, comprising of HIMA HIQuad H51q programmable technology is incorporated into a VOC Recovery Project.

The Fire and Gas system utilises simplex field remote I/O meeting Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2, in accordance with the guidelines and procedures stipulated in IEC 61508. The project provides for the collection of 100% of Volatile Organic Compounds that might otherwise be emitted from crude oil tankers during loading operations. The Fire and Gas System is designed for maximum integrity and reliability. The design of the I/O racks and cabling will permit selective shutdown of monitoring facilities without affecting the other plant areas.