Rail Lifecycle

SELLA CONTROLS’ approach to Rail Lifecycle Management offers a comprehensive range of options, tailored to the customer’s requirements.

We offer all the supporting services you would expect, including installation, maintenance, training, plant upgrades, site modifications service, commissioning training and breakdown support.

Support is delivered by our fully trained, experienced site support engineers and technicians who have expert knowledge of the systems we design and install. Our highly skilled engineers are available for any location worldwide – where we have installed a system. Fast-response technical support when you need it ensures the highest possible levels of system reliability and availability, resulting in minimum downtime.

Whether you decide on a standard annual maintenance visit, a bonded spares agreement, 24/7 telephone support, or 24/7 emergency support, we will talk through your needs in detail with you and recommend the right package of technical support options to suit you.

  • Comprehensive Range of Services
  • Flexible and tailored to meet the requirements of the individual customer
  • Delivering the highest possible levels of system reliability and availability
Maintenance Support Contracts

Maintenance Support Contracts

SELLA CONTROLS currently provides maintenance support contracts to a large section of its customer base throughout the United Kingdom and the world. These contracts cover a number of continents, with emergency engineer response offered together with a variety of support services being provided.

Flexibility is essential when providing these services and, as such, SELLA CONTROLS formulates bespoke maintenance cover for systems that require this type of contract. Through its extensive knowledge and expertise, SELLA CONTROLS is able to provide the right people for the right application ensuring swift resolution to any maintenance requirement. The typical services offered within any support contract are:

  • Technical Helpdesk Facilities
  • 24/7 Emergency Engineer Availability
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Systems Archive Management
  • Site Services

Once a contract has been agreed, SELLA CONTROLS will allocate a team of qualified engineers to cover the requirements of the system. These engineers will have relevant experience and technical capability within the rail sector and also the required certifications to work within critical environments such as mainline, underground and on board railway related sites.

Time is invested as part of the service, in ensuring the engineers are kept up to date with site familiarisation visits and also system reviews ensuring they are aware of the latest features and structures of the systems they are maintaining. Customers also gain access to a dedicated maintenance management and administration team, to ensure the smooth running of their individual maintenance contracts.

Reports and information relating to the site services are provided on a quarterly basis, ensuring that customers are fully aware of progress being made during the contract period as well as any potential enhancements, which could be made to the system, increasing its functionality and integrity.

Support contracts are adapted to each client’s requirements. The structure of these can be tailored providing full maintenance services or as a combination to the clients in house or contracted first line maintainer. A flexible approach to contract management means that SELLA CONTROLS can offer either fixed price service contracts or ‘Pay-as-you-Go’ equivalents.

  • Improved Efficiency of and Productivity of Installed Systems over time
  • Continued Operation of Plant
  • Reduced System Downtime
Spares & Repairs Management

Spares and Repairs Management

As part of its after sales service, SELLA CONTROLS offers a full Spares Management and Repairs Service. Based at our main facility in Stockport, our team of technicians provides the customer with an effective response to spares and repairs.

With a full suite of in house technologies and over ten product partners to manage, it is essential that the client can access spare equipment as and when required. Supplied as part of a main system delivery for storage at a maintenance depot or as a bonded stock at SELLA CONTROLS, maintaining a good level of spares is critical.

The availability of spares needs to be managed annually to track usage and shelf life. SELLA CONTROLS’ spares management process not only deals with the sale of new spares but, if required, the re test of spares kept in storage. Linked to our service contracts, system archive files relating to spares are kept up to date so that new spares can be issued, when procured, to the latest system requirements.

All service contracts contain a full list of procured spares plus a priced list of recommended additional spares for future procurement.

To ensure that a prompt and efficient repair service is available within the service agreement, all equipment shall be returned to Stockport for assessment, repair and test.

A repair assessment is carried out on the equipment as soon as it arrives at the manufacturers premises. Where an item cannot be repaired, a new or reconditioned part is offered as a replacement. There is a fixed standard fee for a failed component assessment. The cost of the repair/replacement unit will be advised following the failed components assessment.

Where a repair or replacement delivery lead time may impact the availability of spares, SELLA CONTROLS would look, subject to stock levels, to offer a temporary spare until the repair or replacement can be returned.

  • Prompt and Efficient Service for Spares Management
  • Flexible approach to Equipment Repair
  • Cost Effective Management of Spares Holding
System Planned Maintenance

System Planned Maintenance

SELLA CONTROLS’ Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programs are structured to ensure a trouble free operation of working is maintained throughout the system lifecycle. All equipment has a finite life and during a comprehensive PPM visit, engineers conduct periodic inspection, re-calibration and verification on the performance of integral components and sub systems.

As the reliability of any system is directly related to PPM activities, SELLA CONTROLS aims to maximize the availability and efficiency of the systems to which these services are applied. For all term Service Contract Agreements, SELLA CONTROLS can perform a schedule of Planned Preventative Service activities. These range as follows:

System Software PPM
SELLA CONTROLS can undertake a software PPM on the system software to assess performance, archive software and clean temporary files. Usually we recommend that this be carried out at least twice during a twelve month term.

Full System PPM
SELLA CONTROLS can undertake a full System PPM on the entire system equipment to carry out full system dilapidation. Depending on the scope of the System PPM, (System Dilapidation), this activity will require a level of planning and is to be carried out prior to the completion of the service contract.

PPM reports will be supplied for each site/equipment set and submitted individually for approval. All documentation is be submitted for approval 28 days before the completion date of the service contract.

The completion of structure Planned Preventative Maintenance during any annual service agreement ensures that any potential failure points can be spotted prior to failure.

  • Maintain System Availability and Efficiency
  • Assessing System Performance to Reduce Operational Downtime
  • Providing a Statement of Asset Condition
System Enhancements

System Enhancements

As new technologies are introduced and our approach to systems engineering are evolved and developed, SELLA CONTROLS is able to take existing systems in the field and apply these enhancements to them.

By adopting this approach, it enables our clients to take advantage of any new developments, increasing both performance and efficiency of existing plant. Also, as infrastructure networks develop, SELLA CONTROLS is able to provide expansions to existing systems, removing the need to replace the complete system, providing a cost effective solution.

SELLA CONTROLS’ systems knowledge and skills also cover a wide range of 3rd party products including, PLC, HMI, and telecommunications technologies. Through strategic alliances with product partners, SELLA CONTROLS is able to extend their portfolio of services to small system enhancements, system extensions and new bespoke projects.

During the system assessment, potential enhancements can be identified, proposed and planned meeting both the operational and technical requirements of the system.

  • Extending the System Lifecycle
  • Increasing the Performance and Efficiency of Plant
  • Adapting to the ever changing industry