Remote Condition Monitoring System (RCMS)

SmartVision™ is a Remote Condition Monitoring System enabling real-time analysis of train data to improve train availability and fleet performance.

Key functions
The SmartVision™ Remote Condition Monitoring System (RCMS) collects and analyses key data from the train fleets, then provide diagnostic information and appropriate responses, in near real-time. The RCMS automate and rationalize diagnostics and performance data in order to improve train availability, maintenance and the use of resources.

Fleet monitoring
SmartVision™ is a modular system designed to adapt to various fleets and different levels of

needs. It allows you to develop a single remote condition monitoring and diagnostics system across your entire fleets. Using the same system for all your rolling stocks helps you maximize synergies and efficiency while saving time and money.

Custom scope

SmartVision™ can be implemented at three levels:

1. Data acquisition
2. Online monitoring
3. Predictive analytics

All or a part of these three services can be implemented, depending on your needs and current systems.