Remote Conditioning Monitoring Systems

As a rail network expands and the capacity for track access increases, the performance and reliability of infrastructure is critical. As a result rail operators are focusing more on the monitoring of key assets. These assets are a significant feature of the network and plan a vital role in the safe operation of the railway.

Covering applications such as signalling, structures and environmental conditions, it is essential these assets are available 24/7 365 days a year.

SELLA CONTROLS’ approach to Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) provides an alternative mid-way approach to asset monitoring. Based on sound engineering principles of modularity, flexibility and expansion plus the use of proven COTS based technologies, SELLA CONTROLS is able to deliver a cost effective solution to network operators and maintainers.

The use of COTS technologies provide SELLA CONTROLS with a range of proven products that can be integrated into a variety of applications providing operators and maintainers with a consolidated view of their assets.

Through condition monitoring and the long term recording of plant performance, operators can plan effective maintenance programs to ensure assets remain reliable. Integration to intelligent third party systems allows performance data to be shared throughout the business.

Typical assets that require this type of monitoring include:

  • Level Crossings
  • Signal Relay Interlocking’s
  • Railway Point Controllers & Heaters
  • Axle Counters