SELLA CONTROLS is pleased to announce an Instrumentation System contract award from Reaction Engines to facilitate engine test comparisons and analysis for their revolutionary SABRE engine

The Instrumentation System contract awarded to SELLA CONTROLS consists of several key architectural elements consisting of SCADA, Data Acquisition, High Speed Data Acquisition and Historian systems to facilitate engine test comparison and analysis for performance tuning. SELLA CONTROLS were successful despite strong competition from rival system integrators, leveraging on our skills, capabilities and technical expertise.

The package scope includes for the design, engineering, panel build, testing, commissioning and support for engine testing at site for each engine build. The first build facilitates a modular test of primary major mechanical components, with build 2 concluding the engine construction with the balance of mechanical plant and testing as a complete unit.

The application for the Instrumentation System is to provide the monitoring, visualization and data logging of sensor values for the SABRE engine, an innovative propulsion technology under development and test by Reaction Engines. The engine will be capable of operating from a standing start, to reach Mach 5 speeds (five times the speed of sound) and then transition to rocket mode for space access attaining Mach 25. This will enable a new generation of air and space vehicles providing efficient long range hypersonic air flight plus re-usable responsive space launch.