SELLA CONTROLS to become EKE-Electronics’ distributor in the UK and Ireland

Railtex, NEC, Birmingham, United Kingdom – SELLA CONTROLS, the new name of Hima-Sella (effective 1st June 2017), has been appointed as a distributor for Finland-based EKE-Electronics.

Under an agreement signed at Railtex 2017, and which comes into effect on 1st June 2017, SELLA CONTROLS will sell and provide engineering services and support for EKE-Electronics’ range of products in the UK and Ireland (Northern and Eire). EKE’s products include Train Management Systems, Train Communication Network Gateways and Passenger Information Systems.

The agreement allows SELLA CONTROLS to offer EKE’s proven Trainnet® GPS-based Automatic Selective Door Opening (ASDO) system in conjunction with its own successful beacon-based Tracklink III® system in the UK rail market. In addition, the agreement allows for EKE-Electronics to market SELLA CONTROLS’ Tracklink® products and engineering services in its worldwide markets.

Iain Wilkinson, SELLA CONTROLS’ Business Development Manager, comments: “We are already respected as the leading provider of Selective Door Opening systems with our Tracklink III® product. By partnering with EKE-Electronics this will further enhance our capabilities to offer complete GNSS- and train-based Automatic Selective Door Opening solutions for retrofitting to existing trains and for fitment to new-build trains. In addition, the EKE Trainnet® product allows us to offer further train-based control and automation solutions”.

Mika Linden, Business Development Director for EKE-Electronics, adds: “We are very happy to announce this agreement with SELLA CONTROLS, a well-known and reputable solutions provider in the UK and worldwide. We have a target to make our presence stronger in the UK market and with such a strong partner as SELLA CONTROLS, we see this target achievable now.”

SELLA CONTROLS and EKE-Electronics are already successfully collaborating with the supply and engineering of on-board systems to Spanish train manufacturer CAF for the new fleet of trains for Northern Rail.