Station Information and Security Systems

SELLA CONTROLS, drawing on 40 years’ experience in rail telecommunications and automation, has developed a proven cost effective approach for the delivery of Station Information and Security Systems (SISS). Using proven ‘COTS’ and industry approved technologies, SELLA CONTROLS can offer a complete turnkey solution for both new and redevelopment schemes.

This turnkey service covers a complete end to end project lifecycle for SISS telecommunications projects starting with consultancy, through detailed design, build and final installation and commissioning. Expertise gained through previous projects has provided SELLA CONTROLS with the skills to manage all aspects of station telecommunications modernization, including the interface to all stakeholders. This includes liaising with local councils, Network Rail and English Heritage.

SELLA CONTROLS has an extensive client list for this type of project and an in depth knowledge of the processes required to achieve a satisfactory completion. We have the full capability in our in house engineering team to produce designs to GRIP and RIBA to meet the requirements of the market. Our clients include Network Rail, London Underground and a growing number of train operating companies. To date we have carried out SISS works at over 80 stations across the UK.

SISS Technologies
When approaching the design of SISS applications SELLA CONTROLS always considers the technologies already in use by the managing train operator. We understand the need to keep maintenance costs to a minimum and the consolidation of technologies is essential to this process.

Technology decisions are driven by this, but also industry approvals and the performance of our own strict vendor appraisal process ensuring that only the most cost effective products are supplied. As well as our own proven Customer Information System (CIS) we also implement third party CIS system enhancements and technologies. This is complemented by the addition of CIS Displays, Closed Circuit Television, Long Line Public Address, Induction Loops and Passenger Help Point technologies.

Station Telecommunications
SELLA CONTROLS’ dedicated rail infrastructure project team has extensive experience and detailed knowledge of the delivery of station telecommunication renewals. Our design capability has the necessary skills to deliver detailed designs to satisfy key clients such as Network Rail, London Underground and ATOC. These skills include a detailed understanding of industry recognized processes such as GRIP and RIBA.

Our approach to these projects is to deliver the most cost effective solution for the location. Care is taken during design to ensure that the final solution satisfies the surrounding environment. Product placement, product types, heritage requirements and noise pollution all need to be considered when undertaking a station design.

Our renewal capabilities include the complete turnkey solution for all, or a combination of, the typical station telecommunications assets detailed below:

  • Customer Information Systems
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Public Address (PAVA)
  • Passenger Help Points (PHP)

Site Installation of equipment is carried out by SELLA CONTROLS’ site delivery engineers and specialist approved installation technicians.

Achieve Cost Effective SISS
When developing the most cost effective solution for Station Information and Security System projects, SELLA CONTROLS uses its experience to assess all stakeholder requirements as well as industry approved technologies.