Tank Overfill Protection Systems

Long before events at Buncefield in 2005, SELLA CONTROLS was implementing tank overfill protection as part of broader ESD systems, for example at a tank farm in Grangemouth in the 1990s.

In the wake of Buncefield however, we designed a ‘layered on’ TOPS which avoids the necessity of undertaking a site-wide upgrade. The solution is developed around the HIMA HIMatrix family of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) thus offering the following benefits:

  • Installation of the safety controllers directly in EX Zone 2 (EN50021,94/9/EC)
  • Safety-related communication via a variety of media
  • Network availability by means of ring management
  • Application specific increase in availability due to local installation of controllers and also parallel remote I/O lines
  • A common network for safety-related and non safety-related data, project planning, configuration, diagnostics, visualisation, logging and remote maintenance
  • Open protocol interfaces for tank station data transfer management systems
  • Distributed, safety-related automation solutions