TRACKLINK® products for London Underground Power Station

SELLA CONTROLS to supply TRACKLINK® products to London Underground Power Station

Stockport, United Kingdom – Systems integration specialist Sella Controls Limited is pleased to announce the contract award by Siemens plc to supply its Tracklink® SCADA and RTU technologies to London Underground.

The works are part of a main contract awarded to Siemens Electrification to supply a Static VAR Compensator to the London Underground Generating Station at Greenwich. The Static VAR Compensator is being introduced at Greenwich Generating Station to improve the power quality output to the grid.

Greenwich GS currently uses redundant traditional panel mounted mosaic mimics to provide control to four Bus Sections within the station. The introduction of the Static VAR required modifications to these mimics. However, the current mimic size, location and the modifications required for the new Static VAR Compensator required a modern approach.

SELLA CONTROLS were invited by Siemens to present a solution that would retain the redundancy and functionality of the current mosaic mimics whilst introducing a modern PC based HMI control approach.

Using its safety engineering expertise, suite of Tracklink® products and experience from recent similar LUL projects, SELLA CONTROLS was able to present a cost effective offering that would retain the architecture of the current system whilst introducing the new elements.

The new solution will consist of a fully redundant Tracklink® RTU and redundant Tracklink® SCADA Server Workstations. The RTU will provide the interface to the existing mosaic mimic panel hardwired connections as well as the new control functions for the Static VAR Compensator. The RTU will be managed by the Tracklink® SCADA application presenting the Greenwich GS operations team with a modern HMI based control solution that will include a dynamic representation of the traditional mosaic mimic supplied on a large overview touchscreen.

Chris Elliott, SELLA CONTROLS Business Development Manager for Rail commented. “The award of this contract is another great success for SELLA CONTROLS and the development of its suite of Tracklink® products. Being selected by Siemens plc to work with them on a flagship project of this type demonstrates our position in the market as premier supplier of integrated control systems.”

When the current owners of SELLA CONTROLS acquired the business in 2007 they targeted the introduction of a new range of SCADA products to the rail and power market. Now ten years on, SELLA CONTROLS has supplied its Tracklink® SCADA, RTU and P2P products to Network Rail, London Underground and its existing Process Safety market.